• Eco Friendly Bathrooms

    You’re daily and ritual routines can be the grounding moments to your day, everything from making your coffee in the morning to a shower or quick soak in the tub to wake up can determine how your day goes and what your energy levels will feel like. There are certain things that can elevate these daily routines though, from the elegant new coffee machine that you bought for café style coffee, and even to the eco-friendly bathtub you’ve just installed in your bathroom.

    Your daily routine of showering or bathing should be special, but should also be taking place in a healthy environment that will boost your well-being. So, it’s time that you consider surrounding yourself with some or more of these handsomely eco-conscious finishes in your bathroom.

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  • Aquatica Wins Gold at the Designer KB Awards in the UK!

    Aquatica is very honored to announce that we were awarded the Golden Award for Innovation in Materials for our AquateX™ material used in our Tulip AquateX™ Bathtub. Our innovative and one of a kind material was skilfully designed with so many different factors in mind.

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  • All the Hype About Solid Surface and Resin Bathtubs

    Solid surface and resin bathtubs have fast risen the bar in the last few years in the industry and are also quickly becoming the most in demand bathtubs to new homeowners. However, you may be wondering what the actual solid surface material is made from, how it's produced into bathtubs and washbasins and how to keep them clean.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Freestanding Tubs

    What are freestanding baths made of? Are freestanding baths comfortable? Are freestanding baths hard to clean? Are freestanding baths fixed to the floor? All of your questions and more right here!

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  • Cleaning Your Bathroom, the Green Way

    Admittedly, no one really enjoys cleaning their bathroom, just the thought of hair clogged drains, toilet stains and moisture-loving mold and mildew, turns a person off instantly. However, when you do clean your bathroom, obviously your first thoughts are how to completely eliminate and get rid of all those nasty germs and soap scrum right? Well, you may want to head straight to the chemical detergent aisle in your local supermarket, and grab all the chemically induced spray and gels you can find, but that wouldn’t be a very green and eco-friendly approach now would it?

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  • 6 Fun and Practical Ideas for the Kids’ Bathroom

    The kids’ bathroom is always messy, wet and completely unorganized, and any family that says it’s not – has their ducks in a row! So, whether you’ve designated one bathroom in the house just for the kids, or whether you’re sharing your bathroom with a set of pint-sized mini-me’s, keeping track of who’s left their damp and soggy towel on the floor and who’s let the bathtub toys in the tub – can be made a whole lot easier and fun, with a few simple organizing and design tips to keep you sane, and the kids happy!

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  • Give your Bathroom that Relaxed Resort Feel

    When you’ve had a long day at work and your shoulders hurt - all you really want is a nice, long and relaxing soak in the tub, in a bathroom that is soothing, calm and relaxed. Often this is not the case, especially if you have kids that are always in there messing the bathroom up with wet towels and bathtub toys! This leads us to often fantasize about booking into a luxurious relaxed spa for a break, however in reality, you can’t exactly head out to the spa every day, so instead why not try to bring some of that relaxed resort spa style into your home bathroom. When you’re searching for ideas on the internet you’ll always find some of the bathrooms are larger than most of our bedrooms! However, other bathrooms just cleverly appear to be much larger than they actually are.

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  • Take your Bathroom to the Wild Side with Wallpaper

    Over the last couple of years, it’s been quite a common site to see designers and home owner’s alike going a little wild the décor in their powder rooms. One of the easiest and most painless ways to achieve a little wild ‘feel’ in your powder room is definitely, wallpaper – whether you go with bold, traditional or contemporary, you will easily be able to create a wilder looking powder room! However, we guarantee that you’re going to feel the pressure when trying to decide on a theme as there are so many designs and templates out there to choose from. So to help break it down and choose what will work with your personality and style we’ve narrowed it down to 3 main style categories so that there is still a variety of choice to input your own twist to it. So use these three styles to help guide you along… Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional.

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  • 3 Reasons you Should Consider a Walk-In Shower in your Bathroom

    Who doesn’t love an invigorating morning drench in the shower? However, if you just can’t see a way of fitting a full shower enclosure into your bathroom then maybe it’s time for you to consider all the great benefits of a walk in shower could have in your bathroom – you may decide to ditch the bathtub completely!

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  • 5 Tips to Surviving a Small Bathroom

    Whether you’re renting a really tiny apartment, which literally has the smallest bathroom in the world, or whether you’re a home owner and you just haven’t had the money to or time to renovate or upgrade your small and tiny bathroom, whatever the case may be for the delay, we have some fabulous tips for you to survive a small bathroom in your home. 5 Specific tips actually, and here they are…

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  • A Gorgeous Statement Wall in the Bathroom

    Most people are tempted to just play things safe when it comes to bathroom walls and décor, and not take many color risks, opting for mostly white tiles and nude paint! Perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little and unlock some of your creative juices and go for a wall that a wow factor in your bathroom! There really are so many options when it comes to choosing unique walls for your bathroom, from going all-out on all four bathroom walls, or intricate patterns with metallic tiles on one wall and keep the rest of the room soft and neutral.

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  • Boldly Beautiful Colors for your Power Room

    Are you keen on bringing in some dramatic color into your home, but are slightly worried about going too far? Instead of dialing down the life of your favorite color in a room or space, rather use it strategically, so that it shows off the hues instead of overpowering them.

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  • How to Decide on One or Two Sinks for your Master Bathroom

    So we explored the pros and cons on having a double or a single sink in your master bathroom and help you make the choice that works best for your lifestyle and bathroom space.

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  • Creating a Youthfully Yellow Bathroom

    Summer is here and the winter blues are gone! So, maybe it’s time you perk up your senses with a new, refreshing bathroom with yellow hues. Using yellow as a theme color in the bathroom is a very simple and easy way to add some much needed energy and spark to a space that is dull and in need of an upgrade! It’s been proven that yellow is a color that can give you a generous amount of joy and uplifting feel, especially early in the morning when you’re in need of it most. A youthfully yellow bathroom can help jump-start your day with a boost of life.

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  • Updating your Bathroom without Remodeling

    We’ve said this time and time again – the bathroom is always the last place you spend money on when remodelling. Mostly because a bathroom is usually tucked away and out of sight, much more than the rest of the rooms in your house. So it can be easy to let a budget go towards updating spaces like the kitchen, living room and bedrooms first. However, a lack of renovation funds for a bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t update it, and give it a fresh new look.

    Here are 4 simple and fairly budget friendly ideas on how to update your bathroom with our having to break the bank.

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  • Creating Your Own Japanese Style Bathroom

    If you’ve heard or read about Japanese styled bathrooms before, and love the idea of incorporating some Zen like vibes into your bathroom, then these are the factors you need to know and consider!

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  • Tiny Bathroom? Huge Space Saving Ideas Right Here!

    We know how incredibly challenging a tiny bathroom can be to design!  When you hardly have room for the toilet and sink, never mind a shower, makes the thought of a bathtub being completely out of the question. The usual fixtures and room layout of a tiny bathroom just won’t do for what you need in a bathroom. However, we have some very simple and easy idea that will help with this dilemma. These huge space saving ideas, go way beyond making your bathroom look bigger, they actually free up some space for you!

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  • 10 Ideas for the Perfect Powder Room

    The biggest decisions you’ll need to make when you think it’s time to upgrade and spruce that powder room up a little can be a tricky game, but luckily, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite ideas to create the perfect powder room for your home. Having a powder room doesn’t need to be a curse, if can actually be a fabulous opportunity to a stunningly beautiful space for your home, yourself and your guests, and with such a small space, you won’t need to spend as much money as you would for a large bathroom.

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  • Gorgeous Soaking Tubs for Your Small Bathroom

    If you’re busy redesigning your bathroom, and you really thought you would have to go for a tiny and almost non-existent bathtub, or even no bathtub at all, well throw those ideas out the window, because we're about to show you how you truly can have a soaking bathtub in your small bathroom.

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  • Cleaning your Bathtub Organically with Grapefruit and Salt

    Organic and natural, all you need to clean the grime, muck, soap scum and even rust from your bathtub is some lusciously fresh grapefruit and coarse salt! Perfectly easy, environmentally safe, and your bathtub will look and feel brand new!

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  • A Shower-Bathtub Combo for the Perfect Space Saver

    It may seem a bit old school and maybe even a little strange to think about putting your actual bathtub in the shower, but this epic trend of creating a Shower-Bathtub combo is becoming growingly popular in the world of bathroom design, and we can see why this would be a superb idea for people who have very small bathrooms and need to save space.

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  • Aquatica hydromassage baths

    World-class bathing technology, a cornerstone of the Aquatica range for over 20 years, has most recently resulted in a range of patented hydrotherapy and air massage systems guaranteed to deliver precise and responsive hydrotherapy.  Bathers can now not only enjoy the pleasures of bathing Aquatica-style but also the recognised health, therapeutic and relaxation benefit. 

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  • Bathing now truly therapeutic

    Just when you thought bathing had reached the pinnacle of luxury in the hands of master bath makers Aquatica, this company has added even more wonderful features to further enhance not only the pleasure of bathing but the therapeutic benefits.

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  • AquateX properties for bathroom

    Advanced AquateX™ Solid Surface is a homogeneous, polymer composite material applied in the manufacture of all new Aquatica stone bathtub models (from 2013). The main components are acrylic, modified polyester resin, and mineral filler (Aluminum Hydroxide).

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  • Acrylic or EcoMarmor

    The name ‘cast stone’ is taken from the manufacturing process, where the material is cast in a mold. Acrylic is a specialized polymer material for bathtub manufacturing.

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  • AquateX in your bathroom

    What is AquateX™? Aquatica, the bathing specialists, have been offering truly distinctive and unique bathroom products for years. With AquateX™, we’ve created the latest generation in composite material which combines two opposites – a silky soft exterior and a tough, durable interior. The composition of AquateX™ is based on natural rock – bauxite mixed with polyester resin hardened in high temperatures.

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  • Small freestanding baths

    All of our small freestanding baths are made from only the highest quality materials and are a dream to clean and maintain. Looking like they came straight from an exclusive spa right to your home, they are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for both you and your bathroom.

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  • A New Tub for the New Year

    Now that Christmas is over for another year, you can finally take that deep breath and… relax.

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