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Bathroom design does not change quickly, so keep our list handy for your next bathroom remodel. You'll have some fresh, new ideas for your space.

40 Bathroom Design Ideas

September 27, 2023

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Looking for inspiring ideas for your new bathroom design? Whether you’re looking to make small changes or do a complete renovation, your bathroom style can change the feel of your entire home.

There’s no shortage of bathroom inspo out there, but finding the perfect creative solution can be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve sifted through some of the best and most recent bathroom interior design ideas and gathered them all in one space to help you find the ideal concept for your space. Bathroom design does not change quickly, so keep our list handy for your next bathroom remodel. You'll have some fresh, new ideas for your space.  

Understanding The Basics

Before digging into the details and ideas, here are a couple of key points to keep in mind while planning your new bathroom design:

  • Make sure it’s functional. Above all else, your bathroom must function well for everyone who will be using it. It should feel natural and be easy to clean. Your essentials should be close at hand and your room well-lit.
  • Remember storage. After you’ve created the perfect oasis for yourself, you’ll want to relax and enjoy. That’s not easy to do when there is clutter and toiletries scattered about. Embrace storage concepts and include plenty of them in your bathroom style ideas.
  • Create a focal point. Draw attention to your space by giving it a focal point. Use your shower, vanity, or a bright wall to jazz up the room and design around.
  • Pay attention to the details. Even the little things can matter in a space as small as a bathroom. Carefully consider everything you add to the space, from fixtures to tiles to decorations.

Plan your bathroom, keeping these basic features in mind. You can create a beautiful bathroom around these key items and some of the design ideas below.

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Modern Bathroom Designs

Create the bathroom of your dreams with modern, innovative bathroom ideas. Mix and match styles that fit best with your personal preferences, and design a bathroom layout that will allow you to build your perfect oasis. These modern design ideas can get you started.

Minimalist Design. Go for a streamlined look that can fit any lifestyle. Minimalist designs can provide a clean, serene environment to relax. Use sleek fixtures and pare down your decor to give your room a spacious, open feeling.

Industrial Touches. Nostalgia for the past is bringing back industrial design layouts for the modern bathroom. Consider raw touches in your space, such as brick, metal, concrete, and exposed lighting and plumbing, for a contemporary feel.

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Use of Neutral Colours. Whites, beiges, greys, and tans are always a nice bathroom idea. With neutral colours on your walls, flooring, and vanity, you can decorate the space with personalised decor and change it for every season if you choose.

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Smart Storage Solutions. Most vanities have some storage in them, but it is rarely enough. For additional storage in your room, consider shelves below a floating sink, baskets on a shelf or in open floor space, storage ladders, and even bar carts. Modern medicine cabinets recessed into a wall can give you extra storage space without making it feel like Grandma’s house.

Aquatica Signature Oak Wood Bathroom Storage Cabinet 600 (1)

Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Vintage eras have always held a place in our hearts. This stylish bathroom idea includes items like old-fashioned lights, a simple metal or wooden table for storage, and wooden crates for design aesthetics. Here’s a couple more ideas to play with.

Classic Subway Tiles. A timeless classic, these tiles can be used as a vanity backsplash, in the shower, or as a main wall covering to create a truly vintage look in your bathroom space. The bright white tiles shine when paired with black accessories, furniture and bathtubs.

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Vintage Lighting.  Beautiful in bronze, black or a variety of other colours, vintage lighting can bring any room to life. Hang mirror lighting above the vanity, and find a gorgeous pendant to hang from the ceiling. 

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Clawfoot Tubs. These beautiful tubs can shine in a vintage bathroom. The old-fashioned claw feet make a statement in classic, rustic styles. Highlight the tub's beauty with some vintage fixtures to complete the look. 

Gran Hotel Ingles Aquatica Bathtub 4

Luxurious Spa-Like Designs

Bathroom interior design ideas range from simple to luxurious. The fixtures, lighting, shower and bathtub all play a part in how elegant your room becomes. Here are a few different bathroom inspirations to get you started on a beautiful bathroom design.

Undermount Bathtubs. A beautiful addition to any bathroom, an undermount soaking tub can give your space clean lines and a spa-like feel. The surrounding deck can come in a variety of styles based on your design preferences. And it’s an excellent place for your favourite beverage while you enjoy a good soak.

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Steam Features. Turn your bathroom into a steam room with a steam shower. Control the amount of steam with digital controls and enjoy the benefits without having to run your shower. This is a great idea for any bathroom suite.

Marble Designs. Step into luxury with a marble bathroom. A versatile material, marble can be used in your shower, on your walls, and for your vanity. From stunning blue to black or white, marble can elevate any bathroom to a new level of style and allure.

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Chromotherapy Lighting. Enjoy relaxing with a variety of multicoloured chromotherapy lights. Lift your spirits with yellow lighting and energise yourself with red. Blue can help improve your circulation and relax your breathing, while white gives you clarity of mind. These lights can have a number of effects on both your physical and mental health.

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Small Bathroom Solutions

When short on space, there are still some gorgeous bathroom ideas you can implement. Select a compact tub to maximise floor space, and use your imagination to come up with clever storage ideas. Here are a few more ways to save space.

Seated Bathtubs. Add a seated bathtub to the space. These gorgeous tubs are small and deep, allowing you to soak with limited space. Use the seat and bend your legs at the knee while relaxing and unwinding. 

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Wet Space. Turn your shower into a wet space. Put a tub in the shower space and waterproof your walls. By creating a wet space for your bathroom, you don't have to keep individual features separate. 

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Floating Vanities. This beautiful bathroom idea gives the illusion that your sink is floating. By attaching it to the wall, and having open space underneath, you can give your room a more open look and feel.

Aquatica Millennium Stone Wooden Vanity 02 1

Corner Sinks and Toilets. Alleviate space issues by using the corners of your bathroom. With a little planning, you can install a corner sink or toilet and have a beautiful open floor plan for your space. With a multitude of styles available, you can find one to fit any bathroom design idea.

Use of Mirrors to Give Spacious Feel. Mirrors can reflect lighting and give your room a beautiful, open feel. Set your mirror across from a natural light source or decoration to create the illusion of space.

Environmentally Friendly Designs

Eco-friendly designs are trendy and beneficial. Create a stunning bathroom interior with recycled tiles and reclaimed materials, or use eco-friendly fixtures to help save the environment. Check out these ideas.

Water-Saving Fixtures. Incorporate low-flow showerheads and sink faucets to save water. New eco-friendly fixtures come in some beautiful styles and colours and provide plenty of water for a luxurious bathing experience.

Sustainable Materials. Decorate with plants, eco-friendly wallpaper, wicker baskets and other sustainable materials . Showcase your style by choosing long-lasting natural materials such as natural or artificial stone or solid wood for your walls, flooring, shower curtains and window coverings.

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Natural Lighting Solutions. Let in the sunlight by opening your window shades or installing a skylight. Not only will you make the room feel bigger, you’ll save energy and money.

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Energy-Efficient Heating. Use an energy-efficient bathroom heater to warm the room before entering on a cold winter morning. Also, keep throw rugs on the floor to save your feet from the cold tile.

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High-Tech Bathroom Ideas

The digital world has invaded every aspect of our lives, and the bathroom is no different. But with these new bathroom ideas, you’ll only be making your bath time more enjoyable.

Digital Shower Controls. Configure your shower to the perfect temperature. Set your audio, steam, lighting, and chromotherapy all with one easy control, right from your shower.

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Built-In Bluetooth Speakers. Connect with your favourite audio channels while relaxing in your bathtub or shower, or enjoy a shared bath with a partner and some romantic music.

Touchless Faucets. Create a more hygienic bathroom with touchless faucets. Set them to turn on hot water, cold water, or both and have them shut off automatically when not in use.

Heated Floors. Warm floors can take away the winter blues and keep your bathroom warm, so when you step into the shower first thing in the morning, you don’t step out into the cold.

Eclectic Designs

Be bold and daring with eclectic styles. Combine several different bathroom design inspirations together to create your individual oasis.

Mixed Patterns and Textures. Combining styles is the base of an eclectic design. Pair smooth textures with rough, shaggy rugs. Merge checker-pattern tiles with chevron wallpaper. The more you mix, the more stylish the room becomes.

Unconventional Fixtures. Bring your room together by using a variety of different fixtures. Try gold faucets and brass or chrome light switches. Mix different styles and eras to fit your tastes.

Bold Colour Combinations. Another bright bathroom idea is bold colours. Opt for ones that match your patterns, or mix in something completely different to finish the look in your room.

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Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic designs never go out of style and are a gorgeous design trend, even in the middle of a city. Here are a few tips to bring an elegant rustic bathroom to your home.

Natural Woods. Inspired by nature, one of the best bathroom design ideas is bringing wood into the home. It instantly transforms your space and makes your mind think of the woods. Use it on the floor, vanity, walls, or as an accent.

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Stone Sinks and Countertops. Another beautiful natural element is stone. Sinks and countertops are an excellent way to incorporate this, and with the variety of new designs available, you’re sure to find one to fit your tastes.

Aquatica Aurora Wht Round Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 05 1 (web)

Barn Door Vanities. Use an old barn door to create the vanity for your stone sink. Refinish the wood and turn it into a stunning rustic cabinet.

Accessible Bathroom Designs

Safety is of the utmost concern in any bathroom, especially in an accessible bathroom. By incorporating a few specific elements, you can keep yourself and your family and friends safe and comfortable.

Walk-In Tubs. With a large selection of walk-in tubs available, everyone can enjoy the luxury of a relaxing bath. Opt for one that fits your needs and tastes for your new bathroom.

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No-Threshold Showers. Similar to walk-in tubs, these showers allow for easy access for everyone. These showers are designed for water to drain by creating a slight slope in the centre. 

true ofuro jgp 0003 (720)

Grab Bars and Railings. By placing grab bars throughout the bathroom, you can help everyone become more mobile. Bars and railings in the shower and tub and by the toilet can provide stability and help people get up and down.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Light plays a big part in any bathroom aesthetics. Ideas range from overhead lighting to mood lighting, but all of them must flow into the theme you’re trying to create. Here are a few ideas.

Layered Lighting. Create layers of lighting by putting several fixtures along the ceiling and walls in your room. Space them evenly above and around your vanity, and add accent bars and spotlights where necessary.

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Backlit Mirrors. A beautiful bathroom idea, backlit mirrors can make your space more elegant and warm. Choose from white or coloured lighting to enhance your design.

Pendant Lighting. Hanging from the ceiling, pendant lighting can create the illusion of height in your space. Hang them above your vanity or countertops to provide task lighting.

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Dimmable Lights for Mood Setting. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner or by yourself as you set the mood with your lighting. By dimming the light to a desirable level, you can indulge yourself for the moment.

Statement Fixtures

Freestanding Bathtubs. Freestanding bathtubs are perfect for a modern bathroom design. The stand-alone tub draws your eye and can star in your space. White and black are both common colours, but Aquatica also has a variety of bright colours available for a contemporary finish.

Aquatica purescape 171m blck wht freestanding solid surface bathtub customer photos 03

Waterfall Showers. Cascading water flowing over you like a waterfall is the epitome of luxury. These showers are calming and relaxing and are perfect for any modern, industrial, or high-tech bathroom interior design idea.

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Unique Sinks and Vanities. There is a large collection of sinks and vanities available for bathrooms. Opt for something unique or bold to create a statement in your room.

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Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our homes, so it only makes sense to make yours comfortable and functional. With these bathroom ideas, you can create your perfect bathroom and enjoy your new oasis.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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