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We know how incredibly challenging a tiny bathroom can be to design!  When you hardly have room for the toilet and sink, never mind a shower, makes the thought of a bathtub being completely out of the question. The usual fixtures and room layout of a tiny bathroom just won’t do for what you need in a bathroom. However, we have some very simple and easy idea that will help with this dilemma. These huge space saving ideas, go way beyond making your bathroom look bigger, they actually free up some space for you!

Tiny Bathroom? Huge Space Saving Ideas Right Here!

May 10, 2016

We know how incredibly challenging a tiny bathroom can be to design!  When you hardly have room for the toilet and sink, never mind a shower, makes the thought of a bathtub being completely out of the question. The usual fixtures and room layout of a tiny bathroom just won’t do for what you need in a bathroom. However, we have some very simple and easy idea that will help with this dilemma. These huge space saving ideas, go way beyond making your bathroom look bigger, they actually free up some space for you!

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European-style Wet Bath

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A wet bath is pretty much exactly what its name states – a bathroom where everything can and does get wet. These kinds of bathrooms are quite common in Asian and European styled bathrooms. Small bathrooms get maxed in space by eliminating all the walls for showers by creating a bathroom floor with a drain in the middle. This way you can place the shower head anywhere in your bathroom , even over your toilet if you please. However, if you don’t love the idea of a wet toilet, install a ceiling curtain railing around the shower head. Have the shower nozzle installed in a spot that doesn’t spray over the toilet. This way you can divide the space up with a shower curtain.

Wall Mounted Toilets

The wet styled bathrooms in Europe have another nifty feature which is quickly growing popular worldwide – a wall mounted toilet! These tiny and petite little wall mounted toilets may look a little flimsy or unstable. However, they are actually quite strong when they’ve been installed properly. By not having the usual pedestal and the upper tank to contend with, makes this a massive space saver in tiny bathrooms.

Compact shower stall

Another great option is having a mini shower stall with only a partial wall. This is a mix up between a traditional shower and a wet-bath. The openness of the partial wall makes the room feel much bigger but still offers a sense of division in the room. A very ideal win-win situation if you ask us.

Narrow Sink with a Flat Mirror

By using a regular mirror above a washbasin is a much better option than a big bulky medicine cabinet. This will allow you to install a narrower washbasin, and also leaves you with more space between the two.

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Teardrop-Shaped Washbasin

Curves somehow feel a lot more welcoming than sharp angles in a small space. By using a uniquely shaped washbasin it allows you to create more space and a focal point for your tiny bathroom.

Sliding door

By taking the door out of your bathroom and installing a sliding door, you’ll be shocked at how much space you save! The swing of a door that needs to open and close all the time can eat up a ton of space in your already small bathroom. Choose a pocket door or a traditional sliding barn door to save a whole bunch of precious square footage.

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Shower in a barrel

Charming, rustic, unique and definitely not for everyone, this is probably one of the most creative ideas we’ve heard of! Have your contractor seal the wooden barrel with a waterproof sealer before installing plumbing into it. Place the shower nozzle right above the barrel, ad a shower curtain and voila! You’re very own unique and good looking barrel shower.

Custom-fit shelves

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You may be looking at your bathroom and thinking where on earth can I add more storage in such a small space!? Most bathrooms that have been designed on a very small scale have a few nooks hidden where you could add shelves. Even a 6-inch wide shelf will make a difference in a bathroom that is short on storage and space. Don’t forget that you can also install much higher shelves too, for towels and extra toiletries.

In the realm of interior design, small bathrooms present a unique challenge. Limited space calls for innovative solutions that enhance functionality without compromising on style. Incorporating small bathtubs, small bathroom ideas with showers, and compact vanities is one such solution for these tighter spaces. These luxurious amenities save space and offer a relaxing bathing experience. 

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Explore small bathroom designs and tiny bathroom ideas for UK bathrooms and uncover the secrets to creating a practical and aesthetic space that maximizes limited square footage. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into a world of small bathroom design ideas.

Walk-In Showers and Frameless Glass

Walk-in showers and frameless glass enclosures are powerful design elements that can create the illusion of a larger space in small bathrooms. With their open and seamless design, walk-in showers eliminate the need for bulky shower curtains or traditional shower enclosures that can visually divide the room. This uninterrupted flow of space instantly opens up the bathroom, making it feel more expansive and airy. 

Frameless glass enclosures in tiny bathrooms with showers further enhance this effect by providing a transparent barrier that allows light to pass through, reflecting off surfaces and giving the illusion of depth. The absence of bulky frames and opaque materials intensifies natural light, making the bathroom brighter and more inviting.

Baths for Small Spaces

Playing with tiny bathroom ideas is crucial in maximizing space and creating a sense of openness in small bathrooms. Aquatica's collection of small bathtubs, like the Lullaby Mini and the True Ofuro Mini , exemplify this concept with their compact dimensions and sleek designs. These carefully crafted fixtures offer a luxurious bathing experience while taking up minimal floor space. The clever use of curves, angles, and ergonomic contours in these small bathtubs creates an illusion of depth in the room, enhancing the overall openness of the bathroom. 

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Corner baths provide a convenient solution for small bathrooms, combining style, functionality, and space-saving features in one elegant package. These small bathroom designs can come with a shower and offer ergonomic interiors, stylish design, and add-ons such as air-massage systems.

Compact Vanity and Sink Options

Compact vanities and sinks are essential elements in amplifying space and creating the illusion of a larger bathroom in small spaces. With their slim profiles and clever storage solutions, compact vanities provide essential countertop space and storage for bathroom essentials while occupying minimal floor space.  

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Corner and pedestal vanities and under-mounted sinks are fantastic space-saving bathroom ideas. Corner vanities are tucked flush into a corner of your bathroom and provide essential countertop space and storage for bathroom essentials while occupying minimal floor space. Pedestal sinks are a classic alternative that create luxury while opening up the room. Even if the top is larger, the unit will appear smaller thanks to the slender base. Compact basins are specifically crafted to optimise space without sacrificing elegance.

Clever Storage Solutions

In small bathrooms, clever storage solutions are crucial for optimising space and maintaining a clutter-free environment. Wall-mounted cabinets and shelves provide valuable storage space without taking up valuable floor space, while mirrored cabinets offer dual functionality by combining storage and a reflective surface. 

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Floating vanities with integrated storage compartments are another smart choice, as they create an illusion of more floor space while providing ample storage for toiletries and towels. Additionally, utilising vertical storage solutions such as towel racks and hooks can help expand wall space and keep essentials within easy reach. These solutions can help small bathrooms stay organised and efficiently use space.

Light and Bright Colour Schemes

In small bathrooms, the choice of colours can significantly impact the perception of space. Opting for bright, light colours can create an illusion of a larger and more open bathroom. Lighter shades, such as soft pastels or crisp whites, reflect more light, making the space feel brighter and airier. This small bathroom idea also helps to bounce light around the room, giving the impression of more depth and openness. By using bright, light colours on the walls, ceilings, and even on fixtures like tiles or cabinetry, small bathrooms can feel more spacious and inviting. 

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Mirrors for Illusion

Mirrors are powerful tools for creating the illusion of space and expanding the perceived size of a small bathroom. Placing mirrors strategically in the room reflects light and opens up the space, making it feel more expansive. Large mirrors, especially when positioned opposite a window or a source of natural light, can create a sense of depth and amplify the amount of light in the room. Mirrored cabinets or walls are excellent choices, as they not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Creative Tile Patterns and Vertical Accents

Creative tile patterns and vertical accents can work wonders in making a small bathroom feel larger. By incorporating unique tile patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, or utilising contrasting tile designs in your tiny bathroom or small bath decor, you can add depth and dimension to the walls and floors. 

Vertical accents, such as stripes or tall, narrow tiles, draw the eye upwards, creating an illusion of higher ceilings and more vertical space. These design elements create visual interest and give the impression of a more expansive bathroom. Additionally, using tiles that have a glossy or reflective finish can further enhance the effect by reflecting light and adding brightness to the space.

Smart Organisation and Minimalism

Smart organisation and minimalism are key principles in space-saving small bathroom layouts. They create a clutter-free environment in small bathroom spaces. Start by decluttering and removing unnecessary items to free up valuable space. Utilise clever storage solutions such as:

  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Floating shelves
  • Storage baskets
  • Mirrored cabinets
  • Vanity units with built-in storage
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This will keep essentials neatly organised and easily accessible while expanding functionality. Embrace minimalism in design by choosing clean lines, simple colour schemes, and streamlined accessories. Avoid excessive decoration to keep the space visually open and airy. By implementing smart organisation strategies, small bathroom spaces can be transformed into efficient and serene areas.

Enhancing Natural Light

Infusing natural light into a space is a powerful technique to create the illusion of a larger area. In small bathrooms, natural light can work wonders in making the space feel more open. Large windows or skylights allow ample sunlight to flood in, instantly brightening up the room and creating a sense of expansiveness. The natural light not only illuminates the space but also enhances the visibility of the surrounding elements, making the bathroom feel more open. It helps to eliminate shadows and dark corners, visually expanding the boundaries of the room. By including natural light, small bathrooms can be transformed into inviting and expansive spaces.

Create Your Personal Retreat with Aquatica's Baths

With these small bathroom ideas for UK bathrooms, you can achieve both space and style in compact bathrooms. By incorporating these ideas and techniques and maximising natural light, you can create a visually appealing and functional space. Don't let limited square footage limit your creativity and design possibilities. Embrace the challenge and transform your small bathroom into a stylish oasis that reflects your personal style and meets your practical needs. Explore the possibilities and get inspired to make the most of your small bathroom.

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With Aquatica's modern compact baths, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat right in the comfort of your own home. Explore the collection today and discover the perfect small bathtub to enhance your style and create a sanctuary of relaxation. Trust Aquatica to deliver exceptional quality and craftsmanship for your ultimate bathing experience.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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