Commercial Project Portfolio

Aquatica’s luxury products can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious 5-star hotels, condominiums, golf resorts, spas and fitness clubs. We work closely with industry professionals, ensuring our products and services fulfill the practical and design goals of the client. Our tailor made solutions make sure each project is truly unique, expressing its own personality with unprecedented style.

Ten Thousand
Location:Los Angeles, CA USA
Designer:Handel Architects
Hotel Arts
Location:Calgary, AB, Canada
Cabot Links
Location:Inverness, NS, Canada
Designer:Susan Fitzgerald & Alexandra Angle
Centuria on the Park Calgary
Location:Calgary, AB, Canada
Concord Pacific
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Designer:Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects & IBI/HB Architects; Ledingham Design
Lotte Hotel Moscow
Location:Arbat, Moscow, Russia
Designer:HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates

Our Commercial Project Portfolio Of Luxury Bathroom Design Projects From Around The World

Aquatica has a successful history of collaborating with design professionals on some of the world’s most luxurious commercial bathroom projects. Our bespoke bathtubs and washbasins have transformed bathrooms in upscale hotels and condominiums in top locations across the globe, including Los Angeles, Miami, Ibiza, Moscow and Vancouver. 

Make A Fantastic First Impression

Impress your guests with a bathroom featuring the wow-factor. Aquatica’s artisan customization services allow you to design a truly unique bathroom, combining luxury aesthetics with premium comfort. Marketing and social media images of a captivating bathroom provides an alluring appeal, enticing customers to experience a truly sensational soak in your charming bathroom. 

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions For Commercial Projects

Aquatica's customization services offer you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom. We work closely with design professionals helping them to choose the best size, style and color bathroomware to perfectly match their project. Our extensive selection of bathtubs, washbasins, hot tubs and bathroom accessories can be tailored to suit your practical and design needs. 

Join The Aquatica Trade Program For Design Professionals

The Aquatica Trade Program offers design professionals the opportunity to become an Aquatica professional partner. Our products, services and tools help you to plan and successfully complete your new bathroom design project. We provide 1-1 support, helping you to choose the best products for your project. Benefit from discounts, loyalty rewards, dedicated account management, tailored support, free design and installation consultation, time-saving BIM tools, and new product previews. The program is open to design and construction professionals such as builders, designers, architects, home stagers, contractors and plumbers. Learn all about the program by reading the Aquatica Professional page

Benefits Of Aquatica’s Products & Services

  • World-class products made in the EU by master craftsmen
  • Premium in-house developed materials for luxury bathrooms
  • Tailor-made solutions offering unlimited design possibilities
  • Dedicated sales team and 24/7 online customer chat 
  • Post-sale service and product installation support
  • Outstanding crating and reliable delivery services