Aquatica Infinity R1 Heated Therapy Bathtub 01

Aquatica Infinity R1 Relax Pro Bathtub (220V/50/60Hz USA/International)​

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Lacus Wht Spa Drop In Jetted Bathtub 230V 50 60Hz USA International 01

Aquatica Lacus-Wht Drop-In HydroRelax Pro Jetted Bathtub (220V/50Hz)​

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Aquatica Bath

"AQUATICA" has been successfully supplying beautiful bathroom products for the last 12 years. Our international team of industrial designers, who range from young and cutting edge, to well-versed and technically experienced, have granted us the ability to approach the bath not as an object, but rather as a sensation. We believe that the bathroom is not simply a utility, but a haven of self-indulgence, and we’ve created every one of our products with an aim of transporting you into a realm of luxurious pleasure.

Our understanding of customer needs and desires has allowed us to build on our expertise and evolve into a multi-line manufacturer. We’ve helped resorts, spas, hotels and individual home owners alike to create their perfectly dreamed out interiors. Aquatica can assist in furnishing an entire project and expand into related products like luxury showers, matching commercial and residential bathroom lavatories, faucets, complementary fixtures and other essential components to complete a project successfully. We capitalize on the strengths of our Canadian engineering, Italian design, craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Our Italian facility provides us with the flexibility to take on smaller projects that require a higher level of customization, while also having the capacity to undertake cost efficient, volume bathtub production, for multi-family residential projects and boutique hotels. We hope to be adding exciting and newer products to our exclusive portfolio this year, and we look forward to your continued support and business. We are eager to keep decorating your lives with even more luminosity.

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