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If you're looking to add elegance and luxury to your bathroom, a freestanding bath may be just what you need. With their timeless appeal and striking designs, freestanding baths have become popular among homeowners. But before you dive into the world of freestanding baths, let's explore everything you need to know about these stunning fixtures.

Everything You Need To Know About Freestanding Baths

August 18, 2023

If you're looking to add elegance and luxury to your bathroom, a freestanding bath may be just what you need. With their timeless appeal and striking designs, freestanding baths have become popular among homeowners. But before you dive into the world of freestanding baths, let's explore everything you need to know about these stunning fixtures.

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What Is a Freestanding Bath?

Unlike built-in bathtubs that are recessed into the wall or floor, a freestanding bathtub stands on its own, separate from any surrounding walls or structures. They're a statement piece that exudes style and luxury. With their sculptural designs and attention-grabbing presence, they transform an ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.

What Are Freestanding Baths Made Of?

Freestanding baths come in a variety of materials, each offering its own unique qualities. The most common freestanding tub materials include acrylic, cast iron, and stone resin.

  • Acrylic baths are lightweight, affordable, and easy to clean. They also retain heat well, ensuring a warm and comfortable bathing experience.
  • Cast iron baths, on the other hand, are renowned for their durability and heat retention. However, they can be heavy and may require additional structural support.
  • Stone resin baths combine the beauty of natural stone with the versatility of modern materials, providing a luxurious and durable option.

The best material for freestanding tubs comes down to your personal preferences and budget. 

Are Freestanding Baths Comfortable?

Comfort is a key consideration when choosing a bath. If you're asking, 'Are freestanding tubs comfortable?' you'll be happy to know freestanding baths excel in this area. These baths often feature ergonomic designs that cradle your body, allowing you to unwind and indulge in a blissful soak. Many comfortable freestanding baths also offer ample space, even for two bathers, giving you the freedom to stretch out and relax fully.

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Are Freestanding Baths Hard to Clean?

While the thought of cleaning a freestanding bath might seem daunting, it's easier than it may appear.

The cleaning process largely depends on the material of the bath. Acrylic baths, for instance, are non-porous and resistant to stains, making them easy to clean with mild soapy water. Stone resin baths may require specific non-abrasive cleaners to maintain their natural beauty.

Aquatica's AquateX™ solid surface baths offer effortless maintenance and exceptional stain resistance. With just dishwashing soap, water, and a soft non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth will keep your AquateX™ bath clean. Incredibly, AquateX™ baths are even resistant to cigarette burns. 

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Cast iron baths provide a timeless elegance and durability with straightforward maintenance. Regularly clean them with mild soap and water and always avoid using abrasive cleaners.

It's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance to keep your freestanding bath looking its best.

How to Clean Around a Freestanding Bath?

Learning how to clean behind a freestanding bath is crucial to maintaining a hygienic and visually appealing bathroom.

Here's a simple guide to cleaning behind freestanding tubs to help you:

  1. Start by removing any items or accessories near the bath.
  2. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the exterior of the bath with a mild cleaning solution. It's crucial to select the right detergent for your bathtub material. 
  3. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas and crevices.
  4. Clean the floor around the bath, ensuring there are no water stains or soap residue.
  5. Dry the bath and surrounding area thoroughly to prevent water spots or potential damage.

Do Freestanding Tubs Move?

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Freestanding tubs are designed to be stable and secure. Most freestanding baths have adjustable feet, allowing for easy levelling on uneven floors. In most cases, this will stop the bath from moving.
To ensure the bathtub remains stable during installation and prevent any potential damage to the drain, faucet, or pipes, use plumber's caulk. Apply a line of caulk around the area where the tub meets the floor to securely anchor it in place.

Should a freestanding bath move? The answer is no, they shouldn't.

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If you're wondering how to secure a freestanding acrylic tub to the floor, some models can be anchored or siliconed to the floor for added stability. This ensures that your bath remains firmly in place, providing a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. Keep this tip in mind as you research how to anchor a freestanding tub.

Are Freestanding Baths Fixed to the Floor?

Freestanding baths are not necessarily fixed to the floor in a traditional sense.

Freestanding tubs can be installed on top of tiles, adding an extra layer of versatility to their placement. However, ensuring the tiles provide a level and stable base for the tub is crucial. If the tiles are not level, it can result in the tub wobbling, posing a potential danger. Moreover, if the tiles are not strong enough to support the tub's weight, they may develop cracks or break over time.

How do you secure a freestanding tub? To ensure the safety and stability of the bath, reinforce the floor before installation. Freestanding tubs can be quite heavy, particularly when filled with water. 

Seeking advice from a professional contractor or structural engineer will provide you with personalised guidance on reinforcing the floor to support the weight of the tub. Always follow installation guides from the bath's manufacturer and use plumber's caulk to anchor the bath in place.

Can I Put a Freestanding Bath in a Wet Room?

Yes, you can absolutely place a freestanding bath in a wet room. Wet rooms are designed to handle water flow, making them suitable for freestanding baths.

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Ensuring proper waterproofing is a critical aspect of freestanding bath installation. It's important to waterproof the area under the bath to prevent damage and mold growth. As water can spill over the tub's edges during use, it can penetrate the floor, potentially causing harm to the subfloor and surrounding areas.

If you are installing a bathtub with a therapy system, it is important to provide extra insulation for all the electronic components of the tub to ensure safe usage in a wet environment. The Wetroom Add-On is designed to enhance Aquatica's Relax Air Massage or Tranquility series heated bathtubs, making them suitable for wet room electrical installation requirements.

Can You Sit on the Edge of a Freestanding Tub?

Freestanding tubs are designed for soaking and reclining rather than sitting on the edge. While some freestanding baths may have reinforced edges that can support light weights, sitting on the edge of a freestanding tub is generally not recommended. 

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Our Monolith bathtub is the exception, featuring a hard-edged exterior. It blends simplicity with a gentle aesthetic, featuring a sleek exterior characterised by clean lines and a subtly curved base. This tub's contemporary design incorporates natural elements to create a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere in modern bathrooms .

It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to keep yourself safe and ensure the longevity and structural integrity of the bath.

Pros and Cons of Freestanding Baths

As with any bathroom fixture, freestanding baths have their advantages and drawbacks.

Here's a quick overview:


  • Striking visual appeal and statement-making design
  • Versatile placement options, as they don't require wall installation
  • Installation is usually relatively simple as there is no need to fit the bathtub to a floor opening or wall niche
  • Wide range of materials, styles, and sizes to suit various tastes and bathroom spaces
  • Enhances the overall aesthetic and value of the bathroom


  • Some models may be heavier and need additional structural support
  • Higher initial cost compared to standard bathtubs

So, is a freestanding bath right for you? Not sure how to choose a freestanding tub? Consider these questions:

  • Do I have the available space in my bathroom? Think about the dimensions of the freestanding tub and compare them to the available space in your bathroom. Measure the area where you intend to install the tub and ensure that it can accommodate the size and shape of the freestanding tub you've got your eye on. Aquatica offers elegant freestanding bathtubs starting from a length of 110 cm, offering the perfect solution to elevate even the most compact bathroom.
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  • What is my preferred bathing experience? Freestanding tubs offer a unique bathing experience, allowing you to soak in luxurious comfort. Consider your personal preferences when it comes to bathing. Do you enjoy deep, immersive soaks? Are you looking for a stylish centrepiece for your bathroom? Reflect on how a freestanding tub aligns with your desired bathing experience and aesthetic preferences.
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  • What is my budget and maintenance capability? Freestanding tubs come in a variety of materials, each with different price points and maintenance requirements. Determine your budget for the tub itself, as well as any necessary plumbing and installation costs. Additionally, consider the maintenance needs of different materials. For example, acrylic tubs are lightweight and easier to clean, while stone or cast iron tubs may require more maintenance.

Step Into Luxury

Freestanding baths are a luxurious addition to any bathroom, offering style, comfort, and a spa-like bathing experience. From choosing the right material to ensuring proper installation and maintenance, understanding the essential aspects of freestanding baths empowers you to create a bathroom oasis that reflects your style and indulges your senses.

So go ahead, immerse yourself in the pure bliss of a freestanding bath and let the day's worries wash away in its embrace.

If you're ready to shop, discover the ultimate collection of high-quality solid surface composite freestanding bathtubs , exclusively available at Aquatica. Transform your bathing routine with our superior craftsmanship and find the most comfortable freestanding bathtub to create your dream bathroom. 

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