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While there is a variety of freestanding air and soaking tubs in the market, freestanding bathtubs equipped with a fully-featured whirlpool system is an entirely different ball game. 

Can Freestanding Bathtubs Have Jets?

May 12, 2020
Eduards Vilnis

While there is a variety of freestanding air and soaking tubs in the market, freestanding bathtubs equipped with a fully-featured whirlpool system is an entirely different ball game. 

The challenge is that whirlpools & heated bathtubs require installation of piping around the sides of the tub, making the bathtub design, manufacturing, and assembly process difficult and time-consuming.

Can Freestanding Bathtubs Have Jets (web)
Assembly of PureScape 107 HydroRelax jetted freestanding tub - the amount of components and assembly difficulty is comparable to a small vehicle

Also, the whirlpool pump, heater, and other fittings must fit inside the decorative apron and allow for maintenance access.

Five Types of Hydrotherapy Bathtubs

Freestanding Heated Soaking Tubs (Aquatica Tranquility Series Heated Tubs)

This type of freestanding tubs will maintain the water temperature within a few degrees of what the filled water temperature. A small and ultra-quiet circulation pump slowly pulls the water from the tub, runs it through the heater and ozonator, and then returns it into the tub.

Freestanding Air Massage Tubs (Aquatica Relax Series Air Bathtubs)

Air bathtubs are tubs equipped with many tiny jets that blow heated air into the bathwater from the bottom of the tub, emitting millions of massaging bubbles in the process for a gentle soft tissue massage. 

Freestanding Jetted Whirlpool Tubs (Aquatica HydroRelax Series Whirlpool Tubs)

Whirpool jetted bathtubs are equipped with a powerful hydromassage pump that feeds water to the jets to create a massaging stream of water. The hydromassage pump and jet combination provide for a deep tissue massage. In-line heater and circulation heater will typically run on a separate circuit to maintain water temperature. Aquatica whirlpool system adds air to water jets for a more powerful turbo massage effect.

Freestanding Combination Jetted Tubs

Combination tubs combine all of the three above described systems into one feature reach system with an air system for a soft tissue massage and water jets for a more intense therapeutical massage experience. You can also run both systems at the same time.

Oxygen Baths

Aquatica Oxygen Hydrorelax works by combining water pressurized with ambient air. A pressure pump propels the mixture of air and water into a special fitting that breaks down each air bubble into microbubbles in the process, creating a dense white cloud within the bath water. Microbubbles are 10 microns in diameter. Since they are smaller than the skin pores, which are around 50 microns in diameter, they will exfoliate and clean all skin pore impurities while removing the fatty acid and bacteria that cause body odor.

What Is The Difference Between Air Bathtubs (Relax Series) and Whirlpool Tubs (HydroRelax Series)?

The main difference is the operating mechanism. Whirlpool uses powerful pumps to push water via specially designed jets to create powerful hydrotheraphy effect. In contrast, air tubs use heated blowers (very similar to blowers used in vacuum cleaners) to blow warm air via tiny jets located at the bottom of the tub. Air tubs are mainly useful for gentle soft tissue massage, mostly for the massage of limbs. Air tubs cannot provide back or neck massage.

Uncompromised Freestanding Hydrotherapy Experience

Aquatica stands out of the crowd with some truly unique freestanding jetted tubs, offering uncompromised hydrotherapy experience.

Aquatica Purescape 107 Wht HydroRelax Jetted Bathtub 220 240V 50 60Hz USA International 05 (web)
Aquatica pamela wht spa jetted bathtub web 22
Aquatica allegra wht spa jetted bathtub int web 04

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