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There are new designs and new ways to jazz up your bathroom and create the escape oasis you've been dreaming of. Here are some of our favourite bath with shower ideas for you to consider for your next home bathroom redesign.

10 Brilliant Bath with Shower Ideas: Combining Style and Functionality

July 20, 2023

Some people like to shower, while others prefer a nice, relaxing bath. By using a bath and shower combo, you can have the best of both worlds. Unique and vibrant, bath and shower combo can save space and money on your bathroom renovation project. 

However, the days of hanging a standard, boring old showerhead over a basic tub are gone. There are new designs and new ways to jazz up your bathroom and create the escape oasis you've been dreaming of. Here are some of our favourite bath with shower ideas for you to consider for your next home bathroom redesign. 

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The Space-Saving Solution

In the realm of bathroom design, functionality and allure can harmoniously coexist. The quest for space-saving solutions has led to the upgraded fusion of bath and shower — a marriage of convenience and luxury. With the demands of modern living, where every square foot matters, various bathtub shower combo ideas for small bathrooms have emerged, giving you precious space and elevating your bathing experience.

One of the best shower bath combinations pairs a deep soaking tub with a shower head. These smaller bathtubs take up very little floor space yet allow for a relaxing soak after a long, hard day. Sleek, modern, and sophisticated, options such as Aquatica's Lullaby-Mini™ Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub can be customised with drains, finishes, colours, and even a specialised insulation system to keep your water warmer — longer. This mini is a fantastic size for any bathroom design. 

Compact Shower Enclosures

The elegance of simplicity manifests in compact shower enclosures. These refined spaces make a grand statement through understatement. By embracing basic principles, these enclosures transform various shower and bath combo ideas into the perfect oasis for your indulgence. Every contour and fixture, from therapy packages to the size and colour, speaks to the unassuming luxury of a compact bath. 

Compact bathtubs can highlight any size bathroom. Aquatica's True Ofuro Mini Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub  is a perfect example of such a tub. It comes with a variety of features, including an air massage package and a tranquillity package.

Corner Bathtubs with Shower Heads

Another small space bathtub shower combo for a small bathroom lies in a corner unit. These shower bath combinations can be the highlight of the room, or hide in the corner, letting another piece, such as your vanity, outshine them. Stylish and refined, these units are tucked away in the corner, as suggested, to save floor space in a smaller bathroom. Done right, these units can transform neglected corners into sensual private havens, where relaxation can take centre stage.

Corner baths are excellent for those who value their privacy and want just a bit of time to themselves after a long day. With a variety of colours and shapes available, this is an option any homeowner should consider when designing their new bathroom. 

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Tub-Shower Combos with Built-In Storage

Functionality transcends boundaries in the realm of luxury design. Bathtub-shower combos with built-in storage masterfully weave utility into the appearance of your bathroom combo, providing hidden conveniences for everyday use. Every bottle and every towel finds its place in a meticulously crafted arrangement, transforming your bathing alcove into an organised sanctuary. With essentials within arm's reach, you never need to worry about forgetting a towel or washcloth and can immerse yourself in the warm embrace of your bath or shower. 

Freestanding Tubs with Shower Heads

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In the theatre of opulent luxury, freestanding bathtubs take the spotlight. These sculptural marvels, in various shapes and sizes and paired with elegant shower heads, redefine indulgence. Every curve and contour showcases the craftsmanship of the bath, inviting you to soak in splendour. The showerhead's gentle cascade complements the lavishness of the bathtub, creating a sensory experience that transcends ordinary notions of bathing.

There is an abundance of ways a shower bathtub idea can be implemented with a freestanding bathtub. But first, you must find your ideal bath. From wooden Japanese soaking tubs that ooze elegance to modern round solid surface baths, the options are endless. Add in your personal touches with optional Bluetooth, massage and tranquillity packages, and your choice of finish, and these bathtubs can instantly become a wonderful spotlight in any bathroom. 

Walk-In Showers

Venture beyond convention with the allure of a walk-in custom bathtub shower combo. Look for a walk-in bathtub to pair with your ideal shower head so you can still relax with a soak, or just plan for a walk-in shower with two shower heads that can spray you from both sides. 

Consider adapting to new trends with a wet room bathroom. As your boundary between the bath and shower and the rest of the room dissolves, you can enjoy the serenity of your aquatic space, moving freely about your bathroom. The wet room concept gives you more space, making your bathroom appear roomier. It creates a more spa-like appearance in the room. 

Seamless Shower Screens

Boundaries blur and sophistication seeps through the entire room when you create a seamless shower space. Installation of seamless shower screens transforms your bath and shower combo into a visual masterpiece, unifying your space and creating a touch of elegance. These screens redefine transparency, merging with the background while accentuating the foreground — making your room appear larger and creating an uninterrupted flow within the space. Choose the right screens and fixtures to accentuate the space and give it a touch of class. 

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Innovative Shower Fixtures

Innovation is the driving force behind the evolution of luxury bathing. Everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary is fair game for bath and shower combo ideas, and innovative shower fixtures are taking the forefront. Classy, bold shower fixtures can make a statement in your space. The technology of showerheads has advanced, allowing for different options such as rain showers, cascading waterfalls, and body mistors. Create your perfect raindrops with a beautiful, modern design that brings you serenity and makes a statement in your bathroom. 

Mirrors and Lighting

No bathroom design is complete without the proper mirrors and lighting. Mirrors expand space, capturing and refracting light to weave an illusion of spaciousness and airiness. They can accentuate your bathtub shower combo ideas by drawing attention to your unique style and designs. 

Understated lighting adds a glow to the space, transforming your bath and shower experience into a refreshing and relaxing oasis. Use the lighting to highlight your bathtub shower combo or your vanity to create a focal point that speaks to you as you enter the room.

Materials and Finishes

The best shower bath combos boast a variety of materials and finishes . These aspects of the bath take centre stage as they define the luxury and sophistication of the space. From the gentle touch of composite to the inviting warmth of wood, each surface tells a story of refinement. Matte, gloss, brushed, or polished, finishes create a world of contrasts, where opulence meets understated elegance.

Aquatica has created proprietary, innovative materials that bring lustre and elegance to any bathroom. Our AquateX™ is derived from deeply weathered volcanic rock and combines natural materials with a low percentage of resin to create a highly sophisticated, high-end bathtub material.

Our new generation NeroX™ is a stunning black solid surface composite that blends hematite and boehmite with resins and high-purity carbon black pigment. This allows us to give you a beautiful black finish to your bathtub that speaks of elegance and style. These materials blend well in any bathroom and give your space that luxurious look and feel as you sink into the bath to enjoy your evening. 

Eco-Friendly Features

Luxury finds a higher purpose when sustainability becomes a guiding light. Inspiration from eco-friendly features intertwines with bathroom design, creating a space filled with responsibility and indulgence. Water-efficient fixtures give you the bathing experiences you desire while still working to save water and the environment. Natural light floods new bathroom designs, reducing the need for excess illumination. 

Simple yet luxurious additions, such as Aquatica's Nordic Insulation System, help keep your water warmer, reducing the need to continue to refill your bathtub as you relax and pamper yourself in luxury. Saving the planet is a task we all take seriously, and it carries through to many of the best shower bath combination design ideas as we create a conscious luxury.

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Combination Designs Are Back in Style

Space-saving bathtub shower combos are back with a touch of elegance and class. Bathroom design with bathtub and shower has changed from the standard, boring functional design. Now where luxury embraces functionality, the ideas are endless . From compact enclosures to walk-in tubs and showers to sculptural freestanding baths , every element of your bathroom can shine with your style. Seamless screens and innovative fixtures pair indulgence and functionality, allowing you to pamper yourself, yet create a minimalistic and luxurious space. 

As mirrors reflect light and materials ooze splendour, your bath and shower experience can be transformed into an elegant journey, where simplicity and opulence entwine. With a little planning and maybe some advice from an expert, you can elevate your sanctuary, embrace the artistry of design, and immerse yourself in the tapestry of luxurious living with Aquatica's latest innovative bathroom designs and fixtures. 

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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