Create the perfect Shower-Bathtub Combo to save space in your bathroom, with a chic and contemporary freestanding bathtub and an Aquatica Recessed Shower

A Shower-Bathtub Combo for the Perfect Space Saver

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Create the perfect Shower-Bathtub Combo to save space in your bathroom, with a chic and contemporary freestanding bathtub and an Aquatica Recessed Shower

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A Shower-Bathtub Combo for the Perfect Space Saver

April 08, 2016

It may seem a bit old school and maybe even a little strange to think about putting your actual bathtub in the shower, but this epic trend of creating a Shower-Bathtub combo is becoming growingly popular in the world of bathroom design, and we can see why this would be a superb idea for people who have very small bathrooms and need to save space.

Now, we’re not talking about the standard, showerhead placed over a bath, and all you need to do is draw a shower curtain. No, we’re talking about an entirely different and new concept, where you literally build a space that is large enough to have a freestanding bathtub WITHIN your shower. It may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it’s actually quite genius, especially if you have a family, with children (and adults) who love splashing about in the bathtub. Mom’s around the world will love this concept for their bathroom, as they’ll actually be able to grab a quick shower while the kids take a bath 5 meters away from her, perfect family bathroom, plus you’ll save so much space with a shower-bathtub combo bathroom!

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If you’re curious about transforming you small spaced bathroom into a shower and bathtub combo, have a look at some of the idea’s we’ve put together so that you can draw some inspiration, indulge on some online bathtub and shower ‘window shopping’ and come up with a list of questions for your contractor before deciding on a final design to implement to your bathroom.

Waterproofing is probably the most vital part of an installation like this to your bathroom, your bathtub is going to have a drain line that will need to make its way through the waterproofing materials of your shower, and there are many factors that will come in to play that you need to run past your contractor and installer, in order to make sure you have a safe, clean and fully waterproofed shower-tub bathroom. Don’t let these factors scare you off though, as they may seem complicated to you, to your contractor, they may be fairly simple to follow through, so embrace the awesome effect that this bathtub and shower combination could have on your life, and get inspired!

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Eliminating the normal ‘boxed-up’ shower walls and door, installing a draining and waterproof floor piece, allows you to open up space in your bathroom complete while being in full reach of the kids while they’re in the tub and you’re in the shower. We love how the freestanding bathtub in this layout looks like the centerpiece of the bathroom, giving it a sense of modern style, while the wooden features give it that traditional touch.

Quick Tip: if you’re going to use this layout, opt for a floor mounted bath filler so that it makes it easier for you and the kids while that splash about.  
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This is probably the most efficient and easy to maintain and keep clean! We love the wall to floor tiling and how slick and chic it looks in all white. With absolutely no shower wall or door, and obviously some serious waterproofing, you can easily have your freestanding bathtub standing pretty much anywhere in the bathroom. What we would do though, to make this bathroom a tad bit more interesting and to add in some color, would be to add an Aquatica Recessed shower instead of just a wall mouthed shower head. The kids will get an utter thrill out of all the different colors that the LED lights create, and mom and dad will be able to enjoy a perfect rain, mist or waterfall shower whenever they please! Plus, it will bring some Chromotherapy into your bathroom space, giving you more than you’ve ever bargained for in a bathroom.

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This shower and bathtub combo idea is almost perfect! All that you would need to do, in order to make it completely perfect, is take the wall closing the shower up, and instead, build the wall all across that entire step, enclosing up that magnificently chic bathtub and the shower into one space. With some skillful and efficient waterproofing, an Aquatica Recessed Shower and a contemporary freestanding bathtub – viola, you have the perfect Shower-Bathtub Combo space! The kids will love this and so will mom and dad, especially if you never have time in the mornings as someone is always hogging the shower.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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