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Buying a hot tub is a long-term investment. A hot tub can improve your mental and physical health, and enhance the value and appeal of your property. There are many hot tubs for sale online, this can make the searching process seem a little overwhelming.

How To Choose The Right Hot Tub?

July 27, 2021

Buying a hot tub is a long-term investment. A hot tub can improve your mental and physical health, and enhance the value and appeal of your property. There are many hot tubs for sale online, this can make the searching process seem a little overwhelming. The truth is there are actually very few luxury hot tubs on the market with high-quality aesthetics and advanced technology. While searching online, you may come across many inflatable hot tubs and freestanding portable hot tubs with unattractive aesthetics. These types of hot tubs are not a good choice for long-term use, and will not enhance the overall appeal of your outdoor space. The right hot tub should complement your outdoor space, improving your garden or terraces image. It should also be made of durable materials to save you wasting time and hassle on maintenance and repairs. Let’s take a look at these simple steps to help you choose the right hot tub to fulfill your practical and design needs. 

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Consider Hot Tub Capacity & Seating

Start by deciding the amount of seats you will need. Understanding your capacity needs will help you to choose the right hot tub size.

  • Small 2 Seater Tubs
    A small 2 seater hot tub is ideal for both individuals and couples. If you’re looking for a romantic or therapeutic soak, then a 2 seater is the right hot tub for you. Most two-seater hot tubs can comfortably fit an additional person. The 2 seater tub is also a great choice for a hotel suite. 
  • Medium 4 Seater Tubs
    A medium 4 seater is the right hot tub for small families or homeowners who like hosting mini parties with just two or three friends. 
  • Large 6 Seater Tubs
    A large 6 seater is the right spa for larger families or party lovers. If you enjoy hosting parties, then the 6 seater is the best tub for your property. The 6 seater is the right hot tub for home rentals or boutique hotels. 

Choose The Hot Tub Size

Now you know your desired capacity, measure the area you plan to install the hot tub. You need to choose the best exterior length to make sure the tub perfectly fits your space. Make sure this space is large enough to fit your spa and its foundation. It is a good idea to leave approximately a foot of space on each side of the tub. If you’re struggling to choose the best location for your hot tub, then chat with one of our 24/7 online customer support specialists. Our experts will provide you with all the necessary information, and help you to choose the right hot tub for your location. 


Select An Installation Type

Select either a freestanding hot tub or a built-in hot tub to suit your style and needs.

Freestanding Hot Tubs

Freestanding hot tubs are extremely popular, as they are easy to install and can be moved to different locations. If you're looking to buy a hot tub, but you are not sure how long you will stay at your current home, then a freestanding spa might be the right hot tub for you. 

Vibe Freestanding with Thermory


Freestanding hot tubs can be moved to different locations.


Freestanding hot tubs are not as accessible as the inground spa. 

Most portable and freestanding hot tubs on the market feature unattractive aesthetics.

Aquatica’s Freestanding Hot Tub Solution:

Unlike other hot tubs on the market, our luxury hot tubs are made of premium materials with beautiful cabinets. 

Inground Hot Tubs

Inground hot tubs , also known as built-in hot tubs, are installed beneath the ground. If you're looking to create a permanent fixture such as a small spa pool to enhance your property’s long-term value, then the inground spa might be worth the investment. The Inground Spa can be installed fully submerged or partially exposed above the ground. Inground hot tubs are also easier to get in and out of compared to the freestanding hot tub. 

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Featuring a versatile design, the Inground Hot Tub easily blends in with any existing outdoor theme or decor. 
Easily accessible, the Inground Spa is a great choice for families or bathers who require easy access.


Most inground hot tubs do not have many jets and lack hydrotherapy and other high-tech features.

Aquatica’s Inground Spa Solution:

Our innovative inground spas feature much more jets and other high tech features than most other inground hot tubs on the market. 

Find The Best Hot Tub Material

Once you know your capacity, size and installation type, it is time to select the right material to match your design vision. It is important to choose a hot tub made of high quality materials , which is durable, weather resistant and can survive outside for many years. The best hot tub should feature a strong stainless steel structure, good insulation, marine grade stainless steel jets and a weather resistant exterior cabinet. 

The right hot tub should also include a good warranty to demonstrate the product’s durability. All of Aquatica’s hot tubs were specifically designed to last for many years. Our hot tub shells are made of a proprietary glass-carbon composite DurateX™ , and come with a 10 year warranty. All of our hot tubs also include a structural warranty of up to 25 years. 

  • DurateX™ is our in-house developed, light-weight state of the art glass-carbon composite. Aquatica’s Downtown Hot Tub with DurateX™ siding features a seamless design with a white composite surface, which resembles ceramic. The cabinet will maintain its natural surface shine and original colour for many years.
  • Premium moisture-resistant composite material with a high gloss finish that features high-edge stability that is both swell free and rot free. The Downtown Hot Tub  provides a beautiful upscale appeal. 
  • Thermory wooden siding is made of 100% real wood. Advanced thermal treatment technology ensures the wood remains rot free for decades. This Downtown Hot Tub with Wooden Siding  perfectly compliments nature, and would look amazing in a forest or on a lake. 
Ergonomicaly Designed Vibe11

Check Technology, Therapeutic Features & Optional Products

After selecting the capacity, size, installation type and material, it is time to take a close look at the hot tub’s technology. You should make sure the hot tub contains the best equipment to meet your practical and therapeutic needs. 

  • Water Filtration & Disinfection
    The right hot tub should have an excellent circulation, filtration and sanitization system. Aquatica’s hot tubs include an excellent Tranquility circulation and filtration system. The system circulates and filters your water 24 hours a day, making sure it is crystal clear and perfectly clean. Aquatica hot tubs are also equipped with unique dual ozone and UV-C water sanitizing system. This innovative solution significantly reduces residual chlorine or bromine consumption, delivering a healthier and more enjoyable spa experience.

Water Filtration And Disinfection (web)
  • Hydromassage Jets
    Does your spa have enough hydrotherapy jets to provide a deep therapeutic massage? The right hot tub for a powerful full body massage should include a minimum of 30 hydromassage jets. Aquatica’s hot tubs include adjustable jets, which allow bathers to reposition and select the best pressure and intensity for the ultimate massage experience. The jets are strategically placed in clusters to match the bathers' body contours and mimic the various massage types intended to deliver invigorating hydrotherapy treatment for each body part. Hydromassage therapy is proven to relieve physical pain, muscle tension, and physiological stress. It can also help to reduce the secretion of cortisol and other hormones associated with stress. 

Aquatica Downtown Outdoor Spa09
  • Chromotherapy 
    What other wellness features does your hot tub include to provide the best possible spa experience? The right hot tub that creates a real home spa experience should also include chromotherapy LED lights. This imperative wellness feature will improve your mental and physical state, and enhance the overall mood. 


Finalize your order by adding some extra features and services to create the best spa experience and meet your practical needs. 

  • The Aromatherapy Package
    If you're looking to improve your mental and physical health by transforming your home into a therapeutic wellness spa, then take a look at our special aromatherapy package . The soothing perfume canister is plumbed into the air blower system, heating the air, while releasing relaxing fragrances from the specially-infused beads, providing a truly therapeutic aromatic air massage experience. 
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  • Bluetooth Audio
    If you are a music lover, then the waterproof Bluetooth Audio system is a must. The system features powerful Class D amplifier technology, weather-resistant pop-up speakers, and an integrated subwoofer. 
Bluetooth collage
  • Hot Tub Cover 
    Buy a Hot Tub Cover to protect your spa. This premium quality hot tub cover is a smart and stylish accessory, making sure your hot tub is fully protected in all temperatures. 
  • Pneumatic Elevator 
    If you’re buying a large hot tub, then the Aquatica Pneumatic Bath & Spa Lift is an important additional product you can buy for easy maintenance and servicing. 
  • Electrical Fast Drain System
    If you're buying a hot tub for a yacht, you should buy the electrical fast drain system. This is also a great option for warm regions with no freezing risk, just press a stylish illuminated glass key to fill or empty your spa.
  • Installation Supervision
    One of our installation experts can oversee the installation to make sure it is perfectly installed. 
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We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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