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Aquatica manufactures and sells European style corner tubs that are entirely self-supporting and don't require a mortar base.

Aquatica Jetted Corner Tubs

April 17, 2020
Eduards Vilnis

Aquatica Cleopatra Wht HydroRelax Pro Jetted Bathtub 220 240V 50 60Hz USA International 06 (web)

Aquatica manufactures and sells European style corner tubs that are entirely self-supporting and don't require a mortar base.

Our high-quality corner tubs install on a fully finished floor. They can be extremely space efficient in a small bathroom while providing for a spacious and genuinely indulgent bathing experience in a luxurious installation that has no space constraints.

Aquatica Cleopatra Wht HydroRelax Pro Jetted Bathtub 220 240V 50 60Hz USA International 10 (web)

Our corner bathtubs are known for their spacious and comfortable interiors with a practical moulded seat that could be used for relaxation or as shelf space for shampoos, soaps, and other accessories.

Our well-designed, ergonomic corner bathtubs allow you to lay back and relax to enjoy the moment. Share the bathing experience with your partner and enjoy the moments that belong only to both of you.

Sophisticated Fine Details

Aquatica corner bathtubs have a built-in seat, which is ideal for sitting on or storing toiletries; it is also possible to add our soft memory-gel headrests to enhance the bathing experience. An important detail worth mentioning is the drain outlet location, which is always designed to ensure that the bathtub is comfortable for two bathers so that nobody needs to sit on the drain fitting.

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Acrylic – a Material With Attractive Properties

The advantage of acrylic is its' warm, void less, and smooth surface. It is pleasant to the touch and hygienic in everyday use. With its glossy white glow, the material harmonizes well with ceramic bathroom fittings like toilets and sinks, which ensures continuity of design.

Since acrylic is a UV-stable and colorfast material, acrylic bathtubs will retain their color throughout their lifetime. Corner bathtubs made of high-quality sanitary grade acrylic are easy to install and resistant to most household cleaning agents.

Wide Selection of Corner Tub Models

Aquatica corner bathtubs come in few different styles to suit customers' individual tastes. The wide corner tub style range is complemented by a variety of tub sizes, designs, including one- and two-person corner jetted tubs and 110V and 220-240V variants.

Jetted Corner Bathtubs With Whirlpool System

With custom-built Aquatica jetted corner tubs, you can get all the available bells and whistles that provide not only for relaxing bubble bath experience, but real health benefits: the warm air bubbles stimulate blood circulation and the intense dual pump hydromassage removes tension and reinvigorates your muscles. You feel lighter and carefree, muscular pain and tension magically disappear.

Lacus Wht Spa%20Drop In%20Jetted%20Bathtub%20230V 50 60Hz%20USA International 15

Key Technical Features of Jetted Corner Bathtubs with Whirlpool System

  • Single and dual pump models available
  • 110V and 220-240V models available
  • Chromotherapy system
  • Combination air-hydromassage system
  • Turbo massage featuring a combination forced air and water for select models like Dream and Fusion.
  • Discrete ultra-quiet Tranquility heating circuit that works separately from the massage system and allows to enjoy a quiet hot bath
  • Hot tub style temperature control with +/- functionality
  • Thermostatic electronic fill faucet with electronic diverter and minimalistic hand shower or electronic fill system with pre-set temperature via built-in thermostatic valve and water level control
  • Electronic drain system
  • High-quality Bluetooth audio system with subwoofer

Largest Selection of Jetted Corner Tubs

Our extensive selection of corner whirlpool tubs is intended to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

With dozens of designs and countless options, you can be sure to get your dream corner jetted bathtub.

We offer every possible system and option might have dreamt about – Tranquility Series heated tubs, Relax series air tubs, and fully featured HydroRelax series combination hydromassage tubs.

Aquatica olivia wht spa jetted bathtub 14 (web)

Attractive features like electronic fill/drain system, heater with temperature control and chromotherapy, and Bluetooth audio with subwoofer are standard in many jetted Aquatica corner tubs.

Shop for your next jetted corner tub without leaving the comfort of your home. With dozens of available designs, shapes, and sizes, buying the corner tub of your dreams is straight forward.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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