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Reasons To Buy An Aquatica Vessel Bowl Sink

  • High-quality, durable & sustainable materials
  • Compatible and simple installation 
  • Vessel bowls add the wow-factor

Bathroom sink bowls remain one of hottest trends in home, restaurant and hotel interior design. Our international design specialists have created a state-of-the-art vessel sink made of Aquatica’s proprietary materials , which are suitable for high-end bathrooms anywhere in the world. Aquatica’s exclusive collection of contemporary bathroom vessel sinks are durable, sustainable, hygienic and easy to clean. The Aquatica bathroom sink bowl is the perfect alternative to the traditional stone sink as it is lighter, less expensive, and easier to install. Consumers continue to embrace modern, sustainable, and artisan-made products. Aquatica has invested a substantial amount of time and resources into research and development to create innovative high-quality products that address consumer needs. Aquatica has complete control over the entire manufacturing process, designing and producing all of our solid surface vessel bowl sinks at our onsite factory in Europe. 

High-Quality, Durable & Sustainable Materials

Aquatica vessel bowl sinks are made of AquateX ™ and NeroX ™ solid surface composites. The sinks look and feel like they are made of real stone and are extremely easy to clean. Our award-winning material AquateX® is a hygienic, nonporous, monolith material that prevents the growth of mold or bacteria. This innovative material is inert, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 100% recyclable, and fire-resistant.

Aquatica black vessel sinks are extremely low maintenance as they are made with our proprietary composite material NeroX™. This features a durable nanotechnology coating surface with hydrophobic properties, making it both water and dirt repellent. 

Compatible and Simple Installation

Our solid surface vessel sinks fit almost any bathroom vanity. It is important to take into consideration the height of the cabinet and thickness of your existing countertop. Installing a bathroom sink bowl is easier than a traditional basin. Remember the bathroom vessel bowl will add approximately 4– 8 inches to the overall height of your vanity. 

Vessel Bowls Add The Wow-Factor

Vessel bowl sinks, also known as freestanding bathroom sinks are still considered to give that wow-factor, making it a must-have for any exclusive bathroom. Bathroom vessel bowls remain a favorite among some of the world’s top interior designers. Vessel bathroom sinks are fashionable and functionable as they save counter space and at the same time look incredibly chic. A bathroom vessel sink is considered a great buy as it is affordable, long-lasting, and helps to improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Vessel Basin

How Should I Choose The Right Vessel Size?

The majority of countertops are between 30 and 36 inches tall, and most vessel sinks are 4 to 8 inches tall. Depending on the vessel basin height, you might match it with either a countertop or wall-mount faucet . A wall-mounted tap is recommended for taller vessel bowl sinks such as the Aquatica Solace B or Karolina 2 sinks. 

Do Aquatica Vessel Sinks Need A Free-Flow Drain Fitting?

When you buy vessel sink, we recommend using a free-flow drain fitting as Aquatica vessel bowl sinks do not have an overflow channel. In many states and provinces across the US and Canada, a free-flow drain is a mandatory requirement for any sink not equipped with an overflow channel.

What Height Should A Vessel Sink Faucet Be?

Most of our solid surface vessel sinks are 4-8 inches tall. Faucets should be installed in a correct manner providing a sufficient amount of space between the bottom of the spout and the sink bottom in order for a person to comfortably wash their hands. There must be at least six inches between the spout and the bottom of the vessel sink. It is crucial to position wall-mount faucets at a minimum of 3 inches above the sink rim.

Ultra-Luxury Bathroom Vessel Bowls For Affordable Prices Online

Buy a vessel sink with Aquatica to experience ultimate luxury. Aquatica currently offers over 100 different styles of the stunning Aquatica bathroom vessel sink collection from modern rectangular vessel sinks to round and oval . Discover the best deals, sales and discounts on offer. When you buy vessel sink with us, we guarantee complete support and guidance. We have a superb team of international customer support specialists available online 24/7 to help you with any of your queries. 

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