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Having the ideal space can give you a boost in the morning and help you unwind at night. So we’ve compiled a list of 50 modern and innovative bathroom design ideas that you can use to ignite your imagination and help you plan your next renovation. Let's dive in.

50 Modern Bathroom Ideas

October 17, 2023

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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. But it’s not just a functional space; it's a reflection of your style and a place where relaxation meets daily routines. Having the ideal space can give you a boost in the morning and help you unwind at night. So we’ve compiled a list of 50 modern and innovative bathroom design ideas that you can use to ignite your imagination and help you plan your next renovation. Let's dive in.

The importance of modernising your bathroom

Bathroom remodels have numerous benefits. Not only are you transforming your space into a room you love to show off to your guests, but you‘re also creating a space that is more energy efficient and safer, while increasing the value of your home.

Be aware of our natural resources. By putting in water-efficient fixtures and updating your lighting, you're protecting the environment and conserving water. You can create a safer and more functional environment by creating a space that flows better.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

Matte Black Details

A timeless and trendy bathroom idea, matte black gives a sleek, polished look to your room. Try matte black lighting fixtures, trim, or wall tiles to create beauty and luxury in this space.

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Marble Shower Walls

Marble is a bathroom classic. Elevate any design by choosing marble for your shower walls. This modern luxury bathroom design element will make your shower a showcase piece in the room and help you relax and unwind in sheer bliss.

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High-Contrast Coupling

Using contrasting elements in your bathroom can create a personal flair that will stand out from other spaces. Choose brass fixtures with stark black or navy blue. Use silver paired with turquoise or emerald green. Mix colours to make a long-lasting statement with this contemporary modern bathroom idea.

Moody Modern

Many contemporary bathrooms are going with a moody modern motif. Dark greens and blues line the walls and floors. Pair with black trim to keep the brooding feeling and brighten up your space with a light-coloured vanity or shower. These designs can be elegant, fun, and a bit mysterious.

Sleek Cabinet Hardware

Swap out the hardware on your cabinets to give your bathroom an instant boost. Choose sleek, cool bathroom designs to create a modern feel for your space.

Innovative Bathroom Features

Clear Glass Shower 

Clear glass is a fantastic way to open up a room and make it feel larger. Choose matching walls inside and outside the shower to give the room a cohesive flow, and opt for a simple layout to showcase the clear glass shower.

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Grandeur and Glam

Add glam to your bathroom with gold accents and fixtures, statement lighting, and creative artwork. Pair the gold with black and white to make it stand out. Or choose a neutral colour to showcase your artwork. If you have a larger bathroom, consider adding a chandelier above your bathtub.

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Double Vanity

Double sinks are quite popular, but this new twist has each sink in its own vanity. Use two identical sinks and vanities and set them next to each other for a streamlined, stylish bathroom design. This is a fantastic way to have your individual space in a shared room.

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Marble Walls

Traditionally, marble has had a place in the bathroom on a smaller scale. Update your space to make your marble the centrepiece by using marble wall tiles throughout the room. Turn this into a luxury modern bathroom by adding black fixtures and a dark-coloured vanity and bathtub.

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Arch Observation 

The use of arches provides a dramatic display, as well as a gateway between sections of the bathroom. Use the arch to highlight a vanity or to separate your vanity and makeup section from your bath.

Relaxation and Comfort

Deep Soaking Bathtub

Choose a beautiful, deep soaking bathtub , and let it be the highlight of your room for an elegant, ultra modern bathroom. Draw attention to your bathtub with luxury materials, such as stone or ceramic composites. Add unique fixtures for a touch of personal style.

Spa Style 

If you’re looking for an ultra luxurious modern bathroom interior design idea, consider including spa elements in your space. Opt for a bathtub with a spa package and look at wooden walls for a natural, relaxing feel to the room.

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Dark Hues

Using dark, rich colours in your bathrooms brings a brooding feel to the room. Brighten up the space with wood cabinets and gold accents. By planning correctly in this space, your room can have a sense of excitement and elegance at the same time.

Simple and Symmetric

Minimalism is one of the most recent modern bathroom ideas. Use light grain woods for your vanity and shelving, and keep things symmetrical with sleek lines. Add simple light fixtures and sleek mirrors to create a space that feels clean and effortless.

Zen Vibes

This unique modern bathroom decor idea pairs unusual natural elements together to create a tranquil, relaxing space. Opt for wood cabinets with a stone vanity and bathtub. Add in some bright green plants to create a zen environment.

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Functional Bathroom Elements

A Symmetrical Spin 

This design is an excellent option for modern ensuite bathrooms that have a bit more space. Try doubling up your decor. Double closet doors, vanities, mirrors, and even furniture can bring a symmetrical, soothing appeal to your space.

Organic Feel

Natural aesthetics are often a part of modern bathroom designs. Incorporate organic materials, textures and plants throughout the space for a clean and inviting feel. Pair with marble floors and natural lighting to add a touch of luxury.

Mirror, Mirror 

Hang double mirrors above your vanity in this twist for beautiful modern bathrooms. Keep your wall colour simple and match your fixtures to your mirrors to draw attention to these masterpieces.

Gold Fixtures

Gold is a great way to add warmth to your bathroom. Opt for a gold shower head and other hardware, like a gold sink faucet and gold lighting fixtures. Bring in a white or black vanity to show off the fixtures and add decor to bring the room together.

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Subtle Shades

Some modern bathroom ideas bring in subtle shades, like earthy green or calming blue. Use clean lines and minimal decor to showcase these colours and make them the star of the room.

Bathroom Decor and Style

Just Say It

Let one main piece of art be the inspiration in this modern bathroom. Choose your art first and pick everything else in the room to work around it. Keep walls, showers, and vanities simple and elegant to highlight your art.

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Black and White

Black and white is one of the original cool bathroom ideas. Choose a black flooring with white walls and a black bathtub . Or go with all-white walls and floor with black fixtures, shower, vanity and tub. However you choose to mix the two colours, they are sure to make a lifestyle statement.

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Run of the Millwork 

Add some custom millwork to your modern bathroom layout. Showcase the millwork with simple decor and one-tone walls. Make your space appear larger with a glass shower door that will draw attention to the millwork.

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Go for the Bold

Modern bathroom looks don’t just appeal to large spaces. Go bold in your smaller space to create a big impact. Use loud tiles or wallpaper and choose decor that will stand out from the walls.

Farmhouse Fanfare

Consider a modern bathroom interior with a bit of a rustic twist. Add a few farmhouse touches, such as wooden decor and vanity, red farmhouse accents, and some farmplace curtains.

Storage Solutions

Wood Slat Cabinetry

Earthy and luxurious, wood slat cabinets can bring in a touch of natural elements to your space. Functional and inspirational, the bright wood can be paired with a variety of different designs to create your ideal ultra modern bathroom design.

Take a Seat

Add a bench to your beautiful modern bathroom. It can double as a seat and additional storage in the room. Match it to your vanity or tub to complete the look.

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Marble Marvel

Marble doesn’t have to be contained to the walls and floors. Add a marble vanity for extra storage space, or put marble tiles on a closet door or alcove to “hide” the storage.

Floating Vanity

This latest bathroom design gives you a bit of extra floor space. Instead of extending your vanity to the floor, let it float, mounting it to the wall. The contemporary bathroom inspiration will give a smaller bathroom the illusion of additional space and lend a chic, sophisticated feel to your room.

Wood Floating Shelves

Use raw wood to create floating shelves in an alcove or on your walls. Use the shelves for extra storage or to showcase some unique decorative items. This contemporary bathroom design idea is perfectly paired with plants and sleek white towels.

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Bathroom Tile Ideas

Fit to Be Tiled

If you’re looking for a modern style bathroom that is completely unique, consider tile. It comes in so many varieties that you can pick your preference for the walls, floors, shower and ceiling.

Grand Adventure

Choose bold, dramatic marble tiles to cover your walls. Browns, reds, and greens can make your walls the star of the room. Opt for a simple white or black bathtub and shower to go with this modern bathroom design.

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Shower Buddy 

Add some artwork to your shower wall. For a unique design feature, use hand-painted tiles to depict an image in your shower. Keep the decor around the shower simple and let the image stand alone as a statement piece.

Mix and Match Tiles

Tile is a staple in many bathrooms. Mix and match design patterns and colours to create a modern bathroom decor. Tile your floors, showers, and walls in unique designs and bring them together with matching fixtures throughout the space.

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Geometric Shower Tiles

Playful and fun geometric shapes can help your shower stand out. Whether you choose a bright, bold colour or a simple neutral, these tiles can bring a fresh perspective to your bathroom and create a space that is upbeat and enjoyable.

Lighting Innovations

Light and Bright

Bring some natural light into your bathroom with a window or skylight, and go for bright white or light beige walls to get a clean and natural modern bathroom look. The brightness in the room can open it up and make the space feel larger than it is.

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Statement Pendant

Choose a pendant lighting piece that will stand out in a crowd. Design your bathroom around your pendant. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your piece. Metals and bright colours are fantastic options and will draw the eye to the lighting.

Stay Golden

Think big with a gold chandelier for your next luxury modern bathroom design. Choose crisp white walls and accentuate them with minimal decor.

Room with a View 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with a gorgeous view, add a window to your bathroom. Modern house bathrooms often look out over the ocean or mountains and offer a relaxing and inspiring view for you to enjoy.

The Textured Treatment

Add texture to the walls of your bathroom. Play with artistic tiles, stucco, and other patterns to embrace uniqueness in the room. Play it up with pendant lighting and wall lighting to brighten the space and show off your textures.

Bathroom Design Inspiration

Finding modern bathroom ideas for your renovation

Beautiful, modern bathroom ideas can come from a variety of places. Every bathroom should take on a life of its own and reflect the personality of the individual using the space. This article is filled with different designs and styles for every individual and personal taste.

Selecting the right modern bathroom decor and furniture

Decor and furniture come in different types of materials and styles. Take time to look around and find the right solutions for your specific room. Select pieces that reflect your taste and fit with the rest of your home decor.

Exploring modern bathroom storage ideas

Storage is a must in any bathroom, but there are a variety of options you can choose from. Beyond the normal vanities, look at alcoves, storage baskets for under floating vanities, and storage benches.

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Choosing the best lighting options

Modern bathroom aesthetics include the lighting. Look at over-the-vanity lighting, pendant lighting, wall lighting, and shower lighting. Choose what best works with your decor.

Navigating the world of bathroom tiles

Many modern home bathrooms include tile in the space. Whether you opt for a tile shower, tile floor, or tiles throughout the room, pick a style that fits your personal tastes.

Start your bathroom transformation journey

Bathroom renovations can be fun and exciting. Start your transformation today with Aquatica. When producing our freestanding solid surface baths , we use only the finest quality materials to give you superior products with excellent safety ratings. Our team excels at working with you to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to get started on your next bathroom remodel.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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