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Shopping online saves a lot of time and energy. Browsing an online store from your couch is much more comfortable and convenient, allowing you to choose your favorite products in a peaceful environment without any rush or time constraints.

How To Choose A Freestanding Bathtub

May 24, 2022

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Shopping online saves a lot of time and energy. Browsing an online store from your couch is much more comfortable and convenient, allowing you to choose your favorite products in a peaceful environment without any rush or time constraints. Aquatica designed its online store for customers who prefer online shopping, and for busy professionals who value their time. Our online store makes shopping for bathroom ware products a simple and stress-free process, by offering different tools. Specially designed demo videos , a 3D Body App , website filters, product documentation and bathtub parameters help you to choose the best type of freestanding tub to fulfill your personal and design needs.

The product modifications section allows you to configure your bathtub, by choosing the type of material , exterior finish , spa therapy package , drain fitting and other optional features. If you're wondering how to choose a freestanding tub for your bathroom, read our freestanding tub buying guide below to help you pick the best type of freestanding tub. You can also contact our customer support team via the website’s online chat box to provide you with 1-1 assistance and answer any of your questions.

Freestanding Bathtub Buying Guide

Shopping for a bathtub can be overwhelming, this is why Aquatica simplified the process with useful filters, helping you to find the best type of freestanding bathtub for your bathroom. Once you arrive on Aquatica’s main website page, you can select the icon Bathtubs , this then brings you to Aquatica’s wide variety of bathtubs. You can narrow down your search by clicking on the relevant filters, which suit your needs. The website filters display the exterior product length, width, depth to overflow drain, installation type, shape, product material, product color, surface finish, drain placement, style and massage type. Follow these simple steps below to help you shop online efficiently, and select the best type of freestanding tub for your bathroom renovation or remodeling project.

Aquatica Sophia Wht Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub Fine Matte (web)

Choose The Tub Size

When you're trying to figure out how to choose a freestanding bathtub, the first factor you need to consider is size, as you must select the best type of freestanding tub to fit your space. The size of the bathtub depends on the available space in your bathroom, and on your personal needs, such as length and depth. Before you start shopping for your bathtub, you need to measure the space with a measuring tape.You will need to leave a minimum of 4 inches of space between the bathtub and the bathroom walls for installation and easy access for maintenance. Once you know your measurements, you can then cross reference them with the minimum dimensions required for the bathtub.

The product details section displays the bathtub’s exterior dimensions, including the length, width and height. You should also check the details in the TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION section with product drawings, BIM files and installation guides.

Choose The Tub Size (web)


The length of the bathtub depends on the space available in your bathroom, but you also must remember to choose a bathtub, which is spacious and comfortable. It is important to check both the external and internal length of the bathtub. Large bathtubs with a length of over 70 inches are ideal for individuals over six feet tall, or couples who enjoy bathing together. If you are over 6ft, but have a small bathroom, a deep soaking tub is an excellent option. On Aquatica’s bathtub product page, under the key features section, you can find an icon for people 6ft+ inches, and an icon for extra deep bathtubs.


It is important to know the width of your bathtub, and the width and height of all the doorways and passageways in the building where you plan to install the tub. In order to avoid delivery and installation problems, you should select a bathtub, which can easily fit through all entrances. Once you know the bathtub width, you can select the correct filter under the interior product width section. Aquatica offers a special selection of bathtubs featuring a width of under 32 inches, which were specifically designed to fit through narrow entrances. All bathtubs in this category have a special symbol under key features indicating that it fits through 32 inch doorways.

Lullaby bathtub drawings 600 1

Measure Your Body Parameters

The next step is to measure your height, leg length, shoulder width and hip width. It is very important to know your body parameters while shopping online to help you find the best bathtub to fit your body type. We recommend using a flexible measuring tape, which is often used for sewing. This will give you a more accurate reading than a metal measuring tape. You can ask a friend or family member to help you, as it will be easier if they measure you. Remember to write down each measurement immediately, to make sure you have recorded the correct number. When you are measuring your height, make sure you stand up as tall as possible and ensure the measuring tape is completely straight and in line with your body parts.

Measure Your Body Parameters 2022 06 02 12 31 53 494

Use Our Videos, 3D Body App & 360 View

Once you know the measurements for your bathtub, you then have a good idea of the size of bathtub you will need for your space. The next step is to measure your body, to help you find the best bathtub type and style to fit your body type. Aquatica created a series of demo videos and a 3D Body App, allowing you to easily view and test the bathtubs without the hassle of entering a store, dealership or showroom . You can find the product demo video, 3D body position app and 360 view, by clicking on the icon on the product page under the main gallery of bathtub images, alongside product documentation.

product demo video, 3D body position app and 360 view

Demo Videos

The demo videos feature four models, who test different bathtubs to demonstronstrate how each tub fits their body type. The videos list the dimensions of the tub and the model, to show how accessible and comfortable this type of bath is for people with similar body dimensions. You can watch the videos of the model’s height, which is the most similar to yours to help you see whether this style of tub would match your size. Even if the model's body dimensions are not exactly the same as yours, it will still give you a good understanding whether your height suits your preferred bathtub, allowing you to stretch out.

Karolina 2 bathtub high people parameters

3D Body Position App

Once you have narrowed down your favorite bathtub styles to suit your bathroom space and your height, we recommend you use the Aquatica 3D Body App. This will allow you to test each bathtub online, by creating an avatar replicating your body type. Simply enter your height, leg length and body mass to create an avatar representing your physique, allowing you to see how each tub fits your specific shape and size. You can also create avatars for your family members by clicking "New Avatar". Read the tutorial on " how to use the 3D Body Position App " to help you understand how to choose a freestanding tub using this app.


360 View

You can also try the 360 View functionality tool to inspect your product of interest from different angles. Simply click the Play button at the center of the image and rotate the product in different directions to see the bathtub’s exact shape and other details of interest up close.

360 View functionality tool 4
Product Page / 360 View Window

Select The Bathtub Style

After you have viewed and tested different bathtubs using our demos videos and 3D Body App to see which fits your body type, you can finally select the style of tub, which suits your bathroom design the best. Aquatica’s extensive selection of bathtub styles offers unlimited interior design possibilities including traditional, timeless, contemporary, Scandinavian, Japanese, Japandi, rustic, nature-inspired, industrial, transitional, beach style, kids-friendly, tropical, mediterranean, transitional, nautical, Victorian, futuristic or royal. You can use the style filter on Aquatica’s website, selecting either Classic or Modern to help you to narrow down your options.


Aquatica has a skill at transforming classic style tubs, making them more comfortable and suitable for modern homes. In the 19th century, Clawfoot bathtubs exemplified luxury and indulgence. Aquatica’s Piccolo Clawfoot combines a popular old design with some modern features such as clean lines, adjustable height and stone feet with a wooden like varnish finish. A modern adaptation of the Victorian style slipper tub, the Emmanuelle Slipper exudes elegance and charm. Both the Piccolo and Emmanuelle feature ergonomically designed sloping walls, providing support for the neck and shoulders.

Aquatica has a skill at transforming classic style tubs (web)


Aquatica offers 112 modern style bathtubs in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some of our most spacious freestanding solid surface bathtubs for large bathrooms include the boat-inspired Lillian bathtub, the stunning Illusion and the bowel-shaped Karolina tub. If you're looking for a tiny contemporary freestanding solid surface tub for a modern bathroom, the rectangular Claire , the Lullaby Mini , the extra deep Sophia and the round Aura Mini combine compact dimensions with a comfortable interior.

Aquatica Illusion White Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub 08 1(web)

Japanese Soaking Tubs

If you’re looking for a unique bathtub combining traditional with contemporary, you can take a look at the Japanese True Ofuro , a modern twist of the classic Japanese soaking bathtub. Perfect for small bathrooms, the True Ofuro features compact dimensions, while the tub’s extra depth allows even the tallest of bathers to benefit from full body immersion. Aquatica offers a variety of True Ofuro models for sale in different sizes, styles, materials and colors to match your personal and design needs.

ofuro 1 (web)

Walk-In Bathtubs

Safety is an important factor, when you’re trying to figure out how to pick a freestanding tub for an accessibility-friendly bathroom. Designed to provide a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for all ages and mobility levels, the Baby Boomer 2 solid surface walk-in bathtub features a grab bar, low entry step, and easy-to-use door. Another good option for an accessibility-friendly bathroom is the Colletta solid surface bathtub with low profile walls of only 19.75 inches, making it super easy to enter and exit the tub. The Colletta combines elegant Italian styling with a clean Scandinavian design.

Baby boomer Coletta bathtubs MyCollages 1

Choose The Functionality Type

After selecting the size and style, it’s time to choose what type of bathtub you would like. Aquatica offers Soaking tubs for bathers who enjoy a simple soak, and bathtubs equipped with Hydromassage and Air Massage technology for individuals who love a therapeutic underwater massage. If you would like to transform your bathroom into an exclusive spa sanctuary, you can select one of the therapy packages under the product modifications section on the product page.


Bathtubs equipped with the Tranquility system provide a warm and cozy soak, thanks to an effective recirculation system with heating, delivering a constant water temperature in 20-minute increments, for hours on end. The system features a ultra-quiet circulation pump, temperature control, mood enhancing chromotherapy LED lighting and easy-to-use glass keypads.

Aquatica True Ofuro Tranquility Heated Japanese Bathtub US version 110V 60Hz 02 600 (web)

Relax Air Massage

The Relax Air Massage packages are ideal for bathers who love a relaxing underwater massage. Featuring different air-massage pressure modes, a chromotherapy system and control keypads, bathers can completely unwind and benefit from a therapeutic air massage. Relax Pro takes the air massage experience to the next level with heated air massage and ozone for water circulation.

Karolina 2 Relax Solid Surface Air Massage Bathtub Matte web 03 (1)

HydroRelax Pro

Designed to provide the ultimate home spa experience, Aquatica bathtubs equipped with HydroRelax Pro deliver a stimulating heated hydromassage. A state-of-the-art capacitive glass keypad, allows you to easily control all spa functions, including the pumps, air-massage, chromotherapy and water temperature systems.

Lacus Wht Spa Drop In Jetted Bathtub 230V 50 60Hz USA International 01

Material Options

The type of material is an important factor to consider when you are figuring out how to choose a freestanding bathtub. It is important to buy a bathtub with a durable and non-toxic material. You can read about the different types of premium materials Aquatica offers on the Product Materials page . You can then use the product filter on the bathtub page to select your preferred materials.

Samples web

White Solid Surface

Loved for its beautiful stone-like aesthetics, diversity and texture, solid surface is one of the most popular material choices for luxury bathtubs. Developed inhouse at our EU factory, Aquatica’s state-of-the-art solid surface material AquateX™ offers inert, non-toxic, durable and easy-to-clean properties. The matte surface is soft to touch with a perfectly silky smooth texture, while the material’s strong interior ensures exceptional heat retention. AquateX™ bathtubs are available in either a matte or high-gloss finish ( AquateX™ LuX ).

Aquatica Lillian White Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub DSF8503 2.13

Colored Solid Surface

Under the product modifications section on the product page, you have the option to select a hand-crafted exterior finish for your bathtub. The default color is white, if you would like to buy a bathtub with a different color on the exterior, then choose the color you like the most. There are 200 colors to choose from on the RAL chart, you can choose a custom RAL finish to find the exact color you need to match your bathroom decor. Aquatica’s craftsmen apply several coatings of paint to protect the product, enhance durability and guarantee optimum color retention. You can also choose a bathtub with a MetalX liquid metal paint finish such as gold, gunmetal, brass or bronze. The wide variety of liquid metal finishes available and the option to mix them in different ratios provides unlimited color and surface texture possibilities.

select a hand crafted exterior finish for your bathtub (web)

Black Solid Surface

If you're looking for a black bathtub, Aquatica’s black NeroX™ solid surface offers a striking appearance and long-lasting qualities. This is one of the best bathtub materials for homeowners, who want to make a dramatic design statement in their bathroom. All products made of NeroX™ include the NanoGuard™ protection , providing excellent every day performance.

Aquatica Aphrodite Blck Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub 01 (web)600

Sandstone & Concrete Solid Surface

Solid surface bathtubs with a nature-inspired or industrial look are popular design trends. Increasing demand for sustainable materials with authentic aesthetics inspired Aquatica to develop Sleek Concrete and Sandstone . Made of recycled seashells, Sleek Sandstone is ideal for nature-inspired bathrooms, while Sleek Concrete provides the real appearance and texture of concrete, making it the perfect choice for an industrial style bathroom.

Sleek Concrete and Sandstone Coletta Bathtub (4)


Wood is a great material, if you're looking to create a luxury bathroom with a warm and unique appeal. Wood offers a wide variety of interior design possibilities from contemporary to rustic. It is important to buy a bathtub made of high-quality wood, which is completely waterproof, to prevent any sort of damage. Aquatica uses LegnoX™ , a special formulated resin impregnated natural wood to craft our wooden bathtubs. Aquatica offers different species of the finest wood, including American Walnut, Padouk, Sapele, Oak, Ash, Maple, Iroko and Teak.

Wood is a great material if youre looking to create a luxury bathroom (web)


Acrylic is one of the most popular bathtub materials, as it is light-weight, affordable, durable and easy to repair. Aquatica’s bathtubs are made from high-quality acrylic sheets that are supplied from Lucite International UK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of acrylic. This special type of acrylic is guaranteed to resist abrasion in line with a ten-year aging test. It is also hygienic, easy-to-clean and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Aquatica Purescape 045 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 01 (web)2.13

DurateX Advanced Lightweight Composite

If you're wondering how to choose a bathtub or spa tub for outdoor use, you can check out Aquatica’s proprietary high gloss composite material DurateX™ . This is one of the best light-weight materials for outdoor and indoor bathtubs, and hot tubs. Aquatica DurateX bathtubs are a great option for your garden, terrace, sunroom, outdoor bathroom or gazebo. It provides excellent UV, blush, chemical & blister resistance (bromine and chlorine water), and can withstand air and water temperature variations.

Aquatica Downtown DurateX Spa web02 600

Select The Bath Filler

The faucet is another factor to consider when you’re deciding how to choose a freestanding tub. Aquatica offers faucets in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, finishes and installation types. The type of faucet you choose will depend on the style, shape, size and position of your bathtub. It is important to buy the right installation type and style to perfectly match your freestanding bath. Aquatica offers a variety of bathtub faucets including electronic , deck-mounted , floor-mounted and wall-mounted with different sizes, materials and finishes to choose from.

Benefits Of Shopping Online With Aquatica

Aquatica’s customer centric philosophy ensures that the entire online shopping process from start to finish is easy and enjoyable. Our website provides all the essential tools to make sure customers not only find the best bathtub size to fit their bathroom and body type, but it also allows customers to configure the bathtub of their dreams. The product modifications section, which can be found on the product page, allows customers to customize the bathtub to perfectly match their unique design vision and meet their practical needs. Aquatica designs products to enhance wellbeing, solve design problems and provide a luxurious appeal, while our services ensure that each client receives the special attention and care they truly deserve. Taking into consideration daily obstacles such as time constraints, health issues, COVID restrictions, and different levels of online shopping experience, Aquatica’s intuitive interface and useful functionalities provide a user-friendly experience for all customers, even first-time online shoppers. Aquatica’s website allows customers to feel confident about shopping online, knowing they will receive carefully crafted products of the highest-quality directly to their doorstep, without wasting time and energy racing around showrooms and stores.

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