Built-in Bathtubs

Built-in Bathtubs

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Our luxurious line of drop-in and built-in bathtubs are not only statement pieces fit for any style, but they all feature extra-deep designs, made specifically for comfort and ease of use. Our drop-in tub line features a variation of different sizes, shapes, and materials, including built-in tubs and under mount tubs for an even more tailored look.

Each and every bathtub in this selection has been perfectly designed for full-body soaks and has been crafted in Italy by our vanguard designers, with an ergonomic design. These tubs provide the ultimate comfort when it comes to bathing.

All of our store’s deep and drop-in bathtubs are built to maintain excellent heat retention and durability, making them not just bathtubs, but pieces that will stand in your home for generations.

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