All you need to know about what is a solid surface tub and what are resin tubs as well as how to clean resin bathtubs

All the Hype About Solid Surface and Resin Bathtubs

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All you need to know about what is a solid surface tub and what are resin tubs as well as how to clean resin bathtubs

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All the Hype About Solid Surface and Resin Bathtubs

December 29, 2016
Aivars Abolins

Solid surface and resin bathtubs have fast risen the bar in the last few years in the industry and are also quickly becoming the most in-demand bathtubs to new homeowners. However, you may be wondering what the actual solid surface material is made from, how it's produced into bathtubs and washbasins and how to keep them clean.

What is a solid surface tub?

what is a solid surface tub

A solid surface material is a man-made material which is usually composed of a combination of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. Solid surface is most commonly used for seamless countertop installations, but it’s also more frequently used in the production of bathtubs.

There are many different variations of solid surface materials that have been created by a number of different companies, but most of them have one similarity, a non-porous low-maintenance material with the appearance of either granite, marble or stone. Aquatica has of course created and manufactured their very own resin tub material or solid surface tub material, called AquateX™.

Aquatica created AquateX™ through extensive research and progressive development, as a team they definitely challenged themselves with the goal of creating a solid surface material with the absolute best qualities. The formulated composite that has been used for this AquateX™ material results in a superior quality, allowing for the creation of designer bathroom pieces, which can be crafted into practically any geometrical form and shape. Not only have Aquatica created resin tubs, and solid surface washbasins , but solid surface shower panels too!

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How do you clean resin bathtubs?

AquateX™ solid surface tubs are wonderfully easy to maintain, super stain resistant and have passed a number of different cleaning tests which you can check out in the video below. This video will also show how the AquateX™ material is manufactured, as well as some of the very vital tips to bathtub cleaning.

The best way to clean a solid surface tub means that keeping it clean and sanitized will be the easiest task on your daily list of ‘to dos’! You won’t need to go out to specialist stores and find expensive and unheard of products when cleaning your bathtub, nope, all you’ll need is a damp sponge and everyday household cleaners. AquateX™ tubs have been put to the test with almost every stain, burn and abrasive attack that could possibly affect your tub, and they passed all tests with flying colors. All you really need in your bathroom cupboard are the exact same products you would have next to your kitchen sink. A Scotch-Brite© and some Dishwashing Detergent.

When cleaning an AquateX™ bathtub try to avoid detergents that contain alcohol, strong acids, and acetones when cleaning. If one of the above-mentioned substances do happen to come into contact with your tub, we would recommend cleaning the surface immediately with plenty of water and detergent to avoid the formation of permanent stains on the surface.

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