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Organic and natural, all you need to clean the grime, muck, soap scum and even rust from your bathtub is some lusciously fresh grapefruit and coarse salt! Perfectly easy, environmentally safe, and your bathtub will look and feel brand new!

Cleaning your Bathtub Organically with Grapefruit and Salt

April 18, 2016
Eduards Vilnis

The world of cleaning and keeping your home clean, is actually a pretty scary place, filled with chemicals and all kinds of nasty ingredients that make us wonder what exactly stays on the surfaces of countertops, bathtubs, shower doors, pretty much every surface after we’ve cleaned them, and how harmful can they be to our skin. This is exactly why so many people are going organic and natural when it comes to cleaning and keeping their homes germ free. A great way to see it is to think about the old ages, how did they keep things clean back when there weren’t chemically induced and blended wash powders and sprays – well, with nature of course!

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Citrus fruits, vinegar and salt are amazing combinations to use when wanting to change your cleaning habits to a greener and more environmentally friendly routine. Now, we’re sure, just like us, you’ve all heard about using lemons, oranges, vinegar, salt etc., but can you imagine using grapefruit to clean your bathtub!? Heavenly! The delicious and fresh smells of grapefruit being left behind on your bathtub’s solid surface will convince you to never clean with store-bought, chemically infused, sprays and powders again! Plus, it cleans and clears pretty much every spot or stain of grime and dirt in your bathtub, as well as the surfaces of your bathroom! There really is nothing like the gorgeously lush scents of grapefruit sweeping through your bathroom, on your bathtub and shower doors – a smell that would never be able to be obtained by using a store-bought bottle of spray, plus, you’ll be doing your part in saving the earth environment, one squeeze at a time!

orgaincally cleaning your bathroom

Grime, soap scum and rusts can often be a nasty and sometimes impossible mission to remove from bathtubs which have been sitting for a long time, without being cleaned, so you’ll be pretty impressed when using the grapefruit and salt combination to clean your bathtubs stains and grime.

What You Need

1 Grapefruit
1/4 cup coarse salt


Slice your grapefruit in half: Grab yourself a large and ripe grapefruit, this should be enough to clean your entire bathtub or your shower – from top to bottom, including all the taps, drains and any other fixtures that need cleaning! Simply slice your grapefruit in halt and you’re set for the next step.

Sprinkle the halves with salt: By using half a grapefruit at a time, sprinkle the top, an exposed piece with a generous amount of salt. Now wet your bathtub, and sprinkle the rest of the salt all over the bottom!

Start Scrubbing: Scrub the halved grapefruit, all around your bathtub or shower, making sure you’re you squeezing the juice ever so slightly as you scrub around each of your bathtubs fixtures . Every now and then pick up some extra salt from the bathtub with the grapefruit and scrub some more, instead of just pushing the salt around, you need to really put some elbow grease into it! A great tip to get rid of nasty and stubborn stains, is to use the grind of the grapefruit with some extra salt.

Rinse it all away: Let it sit in the tub for about an hour or so before rinsing away your lush citrus workout. Simply take your shower head and rinse away all the citrusy pulp and salt that’s still sitting on your bathtub or showers surface.

Clean a bathtub naturally

Your bathtub or shower should look brand spanking new, shiny and clean – and the smell!! It will engulf your bathroom, with heavenly citrusy freshness! Oh, and you can definitely use this scrub on your bathrooms sinks, toilets and even the tiles!

Some extra advice

If you’re dealing with a slightly more neglected bathtub, you may end up needing to use more ingredients, so make sure you but some extra grapefruit and salt, worst case scenario – you have some extra grapefruit to snack on while the scrub sits and works its magic!

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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