Aquatica Suri-Wht Relax Air Massage VelveX™ Bathtub - Fine Matte

Suri wht relax air massage bathtub top (web)

Suri wht relax air massage bathtub top (web)

From your first glimpse of the Suri bathtub, you can easily see how it derived its name. Suri means "Sun" in Sanskrit and this bathtub is instantly evocative of all good feelings of warmth, pleasure, and well-being associated with this solar body. One of the most exciting features of this Suri model is the introduction of Aquatica’s innovative new matte finish VelveX™ acrylic. The traditional glossy surface has been surpassed by the quality and elegance of the velvety smooth, understated good looks of VelveX™. Suri is a generous, deep circular bath, ideal for one or two-person bathing. It is made even more enjoyable with the introduction of Aquatica’s warm air massage system with 28 air massage jets with variable speed controls, pulse, and wave modes. Then complete the picture with a series of 28 low-profile LEDs. With Suri, bathing climbs to new heights of relaxation, pleasure, pampering, and invigoration. Premium VelveX™ acrylic with matte white surface 28 low-profile air jets 28 low-profile LEDs Underwater сhromotherapy with slow color rotation or fixed color mode in one of 6 available tones Electronic control panel Warm air massage Variable Speed air massage with wave & pulse modes Aesthetically appealing and minimalistic Easy to operate and maintain 2 Minute Purge Cycle Plugs into a regular household electrical outlet All massage system components are made in the USA and UL certified A unique bathing experience that is great for the body and mind Available with CE/TUV certified European/International 220V or UL certified USA/American 110V system 10 year limited warranty on the bathtub shell 2 year limited warranty for all electrical components and other parts, except drains 2 year overall limited air massage warranty


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Aquatica Suri-Wht Relax Air Massage VelveX™ Bathtub - Fine Matte - the best choice I have ever made.
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