Infinity Bathtubs

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Infinity Bathtubs

Infinity Bathtubs

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Fashioned from a combination of Aquatica’s premium materials and equipped with advanced electronics, our infinity series bathtub geometrical symmetry is enhanced by the infinity-type rim channel, which allows you to fill these bathtubs right to the top. Infinity series bathtub unique ultra-quiet water circulation, heating and massage system, invites you to lie back and feel the tension and stress accumulated during the day simply wash away.

The generous, oversized design makes the infinity series ideal for full body soaking for one or two bathers. Take a look at our key features:

  • Beautifully crafted overflowing infinity style rim, creating a seemingly edgeless water surface, as well as the concealed therapy system, which is installed inside a thin cavity located in the inner perimeter of the bathtub.
  • Integrated surge tank allows these overflow bathtubs and spas to operate in a closed circuit; as more bathers enter the tub or spa, the displaced water overflows into a channel that surrounds the rim of the bathtub. From there the water flows into the surge tank. When the bather exits the bathtub, the water from the balancing tank flows back into the bathtubs.
  • Relaxing hydromassage with turbo-massage
  • Modern, capacitive glass keypads, integrated audio .
  • Choose between bath and spa (hot tub) configurations.

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