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Black Basins

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Black Bathroom Sinks

If you're looking to buy a high-quality, easy to clean black sink for your luxury bathroom project, then explore our exquisite collection of black bathroom sinks for sale, made of a high performance stone composite. Carefully crafted in Europe, our exclusive collection of black bathroom sinks are considered one of the best choices for luxury homes, hotels and restaurants. 

Luxury Black Sinks For Sale In Many Styles, Shapes & Sizes

Aquatica’s exclusive collection of black bathroom sinks are guaranteed to impress guests, by adding the wow factor. A popular choice among celebrities, our exquisite selection of black sinks provides a glamorous appeal with unprecedented style. Black sinks also offer an array of creative interior design opportunities, allowing you to create any decor theme you desire. Explore small, medium and large black bathroom sinks in different styles and shapes, including oval , round , rectangular or unique to suit your decor needs. 

Why Choose A Black Sink Instead Of White Or Other Colors?

White is the most popular color for bathroom sinks. Many homeowners automatically choose white as it is classic and timeless. If you're looking for a sink with a distinctive style, which breaks away from the norm, then black is one of the best colors to consider. Colors such as green, blue and red are fun, but depend on design trends. If you do not have a specific color scheme in mind for your bathroom, then black is the best color to choose after white as it offers a distinctive and daring style. Black is less likely to go out of fashion as quickly as some other colors such as yellow or orange. 

Black Sinks Made Of World-Class NeroX™ Stone Composite

Buy black bathroom sinks online made of our in-house developed stone composite matte material NeroX™ . Considered a smarter alternative to traditional stone, this beautiful black stone composite is lighter in weight, and comes at a fraction of the cost. NeroX™ is a blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with acrylic modified resins and a high-purity carbon black pigment. Featuring durable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, fire & heat resistant, low-maintenance, and UV resistant properties, our collection of NeroX™ black bathroom sinks are a great option for homeowners or interior designers looking for a high performance black wash basin for luxury homes, hotels and restaurants. 

Buy A Black Bathroom Sink With Extra Protection 

Sometimes homeowners and interior designers are concerned that black bathroom sinks are not that easy to clean or maintain. Aquatica solves this problem by using advanced materials with the special NanoGuard™ protection. This makes the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals. Easy to maintain, NeroX™ black bathroom sinks can be easily cleaned with a simple detergent and microfiber cloth, removing cigarette burns, ink, hair dye, crayons, wine and coffee stains. This is a smart design choice for interior designers, who are looking to buy black sinks online for commercial facilities, as NanoGuard™ offers outstanding everyday performance and durability.

Black Sinks Paired With Wood For Sophisticated Style

Combining real solid wood with black stone composite solid surface creates a sophisticated appeal with a natural timeless elegance. The natural beauty of solid wood really comes alive with swirling grain and rich warm tones, when matched with an exquisite black stone composite solid surface. 

Millennium Sink Vanity Combining Black Stone Composite With Wood

Our meticulous craftsmen can create a bespoke floating Millenium Sink Vanity combo, made of solid oak and black matte solid surface. Cleverly designed, this stylish black sink vanity is one of the best storage solutions for your bathroom, ensuring a minimalist and clutter free space. Simply order a Millenium Black Sink and Millennium Vanity , and choose your customization preferences to create a matching black and wood vanity sink combo, to compliment your bathroom space. 

Unique Black Vessel Sinks With An Unusual Shape

If you're looking for a black vessel sink to make a statement in your bathroom, then take a look at our black bathroom sinks with unique shapes and styles. The black Nanomorph vessel sink creates a dramatic look in all bathrooms, providing the wow factor. Another popular black vessel sink with a unique style is the Spoon . This upscale egg-shaped black sink looks incredible when paired with a matching black Spoon freestanding bathtub

Advantages Of Aquatica’s Black Bathroom Sinks

  • World-class black stone composite 
  • Carefully crafted in Europe
  • Adds the wow factor 
  • Easy-to-clean & maintain 
  • Extra protection with Nanoguard 
  • Small, medium & large black basins
  • Modern, unique & contemporary styles

Looking For Something Else?

If you're looking to buy a black bathtub online to match your black wash basin, then take a look at the various styles, shapes, sizes, and cost options available. If you need a bathroom sink in a different color to specifically match your design, you can explore over 200 colors currently available on our online store from the RAL chart. 

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