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Custom Concrete Sinks

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Buy an Ultra-Modern Custom Concrete Sink

In 2020, we launched two new advanced solid surface finishes called AquateX™ Sleek Concrete and AquateX™ Concrete Textures. Developed with on-trend, proprietary technologies, the two new surfaces are a popular choice among international interior and home designers. Sleek Concrete is smooth and soft, while Concrete Textures is ideal for dynamic modernity. Concrete sinks are the ideal solution for those looking for durable, hygienic, easy to maintain, and modern industrial style sinks. Our team of exceptionally talented craftsmen can create a truly stunning and innovative custom concrete sink of your choice using either AquateX™ Sleek Concrete or AquateX™ Concrete Textures.

Benefits of AquateX™ Concrete Compared to Real Concrete

AquateX™ Concrete sinks consist of a unique and authentic "concrete" matte finish with an industrial appearance. Unlike real concrete, AquateX™ Concrete sinks and baths do not stain and do not need sealing. AquateX™ is an extremely strong material that does not crack or develop fissures over time. Our AquateX™ Concrete sinks look and feel like real concrete, making it a much more practical and hygienic alternative to actual concrete, which is not the best material for sinks or baths.  Soap, toothpaste, and makeup can easily stain concrete surfaces, while dead skin and other particles can get stuck between cracks. Real concrete is also extremely heavy in comparison to our lightweight Aquatex material. The seam lines of concrete also make it unsanitary for bathrooms. 

Enjoy A Smooth & Soft Style With Sleek Concrete

Interior and home designers have the opportunity to order a custom concrete sink of their choice using AquateX™ Sleek Concrete. This is a high-quality solid surface material with a polymeric decorative concrete layer that combines outstanding functionality with an ultra-modern style. AquateX ™ Sleek Concrete retains heat with its consistent thickness. It is also beautifully seamless with a silky smooth, velvety matte finish that is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

Choose Concrete Textures For Dynamic Modernity

Our craftsmen can create a custom concrete sink made of AquateX™ Concrete Texture, which is inspired by cast concrete. It consists of a rough fabric texture, offering a bold modern look with a truly rich visual texture. This is the ultimate finish to achieve an industrial style with a sensual yet silky smooth and warm surface.

Aquatica Luna Sleek Concrete Stone Lavatory

Aquatica Luna Sleek Concrete Stone Lavatory is a perfect example of our concrete sinks, which are currently available to buy online with AquateX™ Sleek Concrete material and a matte surface finish. Its authentic concrete surface finish perfectly compliments any bathroom with an industrial design. Luna’s curves inspired by nature are combined with an industrial concrete finish providing it with unprecedented style. This extremely chic and sophisticated custom concrete sink is ideally suited to contemporary decor.

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