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50 cm Basins

50 cm Basins

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50 cm Bathroom Sinks

Are you looking to buy an 50 cm bathroom sink? Explore our exclusive collection of small bathroom sinks for sale online to complete your beautiful bathroom decor. You can buy an 50 cm bathroom sink in various styles with either a high or low basin. 

Buy A Small Sink In Any Bespoke Color You Desire

50 cm bathroom sinks are currently available to buy online in white or black , or with gunmetal or black exterior coating combined with a white interior. You can also customize your order to buy an 50 cm bathroom sink in any colour you desire from the RAL color chart. Bespoke metal coatings in gold, silver and copper are also available upon request. 

Durable & Easy-To-Clean Bathroom Sinks For Sale

All of Aquatica’s 50 cm bathroom sinks are made of durable and easy-to-clean materials . You can buy a beautiful bathroom sink in a matte stone composite solid surface or in a sparkling high-gloss ceramic material. Our inhouse developed stone composite solid surface is extremely popular, as it is considered a smarter alternative to traditional stone. Aquatica’s solid surface is much lighter in weight and comes at a fraction of the cost.

Combining Versatility With Sophistication

Extremely versatile, our 50 cm bathroom sinks are perfect for all types of bathrooms, including master, guest and family bathrooms. Aquatica’s 50 cm bathroom sinks feature a small round basin, making it the best solution for small bathroom spaces. This small bathroom sink will not take up much space, and enhance your small bathroom’s luxury appeal. 50 cm sinks are also great for large master bathrooms. Instead of installing a large sink in a big bathroom to fill up space, you can simply install two or three small 50 cm bathroom sinks on one countertop or vanity. This is also a great idea for family bathrooms, so each child can have their very own small sink. Combining versatility with sophistication, makes our 50 cm bathroom sinks an ideal choice for commercial properties such as luxury restrooms of upscale hotels, bars and restaurants. 

Reasons To Buy An Aquatica 50 cm Bathroom Sink

  • Sophisticated & minimalist design
  • Durable & easy-to-clean basins
  • Two or more sinks on one countertop
  • Available in any color you desire
  • 50 cm sinks with a low or high basin

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