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Custom Basins

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Custom Bathroom Sinks

We offer a wide variety of luxurious bathroom sinks with customizable options. Custom bathroom sinks allow interior and home designers to choose the color, style, material, and additional features to suit their needs and style. This gives consumers complete freedom and endless design opportunities for renovating or styling a bathroom. All of our stone sinks can be purchased in any of our premium materials including AquateX™ , NeroX™ , AquateX™ Concrete or AquateX™ LuX . This is considered a smarter choice as they are lighter and less expensive than a traditional stone sink. The Aquatica Luna custom made vessel sink is a great example of the quality and flexible customization options we can offer our customers. 

Customized Painted Vessel Sinks

Custom made vessel sinks are a great buy for interior and home designers searching for individually aesthetic pieces of art to complement their luxury style bathroom.  Originally coined bowl sinks, vessel sinks are appreciated for their sleek style and pragmatism for saving counter space. Aquatica’s exquisite collection of custom vessel sinks are durable, sustainable, hygienic, and easy to clean. A custom vessel sink can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors , and prices. They also offer flexibility as they are simple to install and fit on almost any bathroom vanity. 

Customizable Millennium Wash Basins

Our Millennium Wash Basins offer two different size options and the possibility to add two pieces of Aquatica Stainless Steel Brackets. Aquatica’s exceptionally talented craftsman can even drill a tap hole depending on the client's wishes. We also offer interior and home designers the opportunity to buy Millennium Wash Basins with a Millennium Stone & Oak Wood Bathroom Vanity. 

AquateX™ BioEco

Environmentally conscious consumers have the option to buy a custom bathroom sink with the AquateX™ BioEco option. This is an eco-sustainable solid surface composed of 55% natural inert minerals of high purity and 45% bio-resin - a substance of plant origin. All resins in AquateX™ BioEco derive from certified cultivations, resulting in healthy beautiful bathroom products that do not harm the planet´s delicate ecosystems.

BioSan™ Prevents the Growth of Bacteria

With proven technology from industry leader BioCote™, our special BioSan™ option is specifically designed to eliminate mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The antimicrobial additive prevents the growth of bacteria that contaminates surfaces. BioSan™ is not a coating and requires no repeated application. This protection is a smart choice for interior designers who are ordering custom-made basins, bathtubs, or lavatories for commercial facilities. 

NanoGuard™ Antigraffiti and Antimicrobial Protection

NanoGuard™ is a nanotechnology-based liquid polymer that is applied to the surfaces of our bathroom sinks. It creates a ceramic-like invisible protective layer, making the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches, and harsh chemicals. This antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection is crucial for good everyday performance and durability of black or any other deep dark color solid surfaces. It is particularly useful for commercial facilities. All Aquatica® NeroX bathroom sinks include the NanoGuard™ antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection.

AquateX Lux for an Ultra-Polished Glossy Surface

In addition to all the excellent characteristics of our standard AquateX™, we offer the AquateX™ LuX option. This provides an ultra-polished, glossy marble-like surface for even easier cleaning and maintenance. Any small signs of wear and accidental scratches can be easily removed using a common abrasive sponge. This will remove a tiny layer of the material surface, followed by surface polishing. This simple maintenance procedure will return the original gloss to the AquateX™ LuX surface. 

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