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Unique Basins

Unique Basins

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Unique Bathroom Sinks

Liven up your bathroom space with a special statement sink. Unique bathroom sinks offer an element of surprise for guests, enhancing their hand washing experience. Creating an unforgettable bathroom is easier than you think, just simply add a truly unique bathroom sink that will never be forgotten. Aquatica offers a stunning collection of unique bathroom sinks for sale online in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and prices. 

Unique Sinks Made Of Cutting Edge Materials

Combining distinctive designs with innovative proprietary materials makes Aquatica a truly unique bathroom ware manufacturer. Unique wash basins made of our award winning AquateX™ are soft to touch with a perfectly smooth velvety texture. Our distinctive black sinks are made of our cutting edge NeroX™ stone composite material. All of our unique sinks are easy to clean, eco friendly and durable.

Create A Unique Vanity Sink Combo

Our talented team of master craftsmen can make your design dreams come true by creating a unique vanity sink combo. Simply order the Millennium Sink and Millennium Vanity , selecting your favourite colour, configuration and size. Based on this, our meticulous craftsmen will create a one-of-a-kind vanity sink combo to enhance your unique bathroom decor.

Buy A Stylish Spoon Sink With A Unique Egg Shape

If you're looking to buy a unique bathroom sink online with a contemporary off-centre design, you should consider our Spoon collection. Inspired by the natural form of an egg, this unusual sink offers a myriad of design possibilities with over 200 colors to explore. Featuring an organic form with soft, smooth lines, the spoon offers a unique element of elegance. Pairing the Spoon vessel sink with the unique Spoon freestanding bathtub will certainly complete your unique decor. 

Add Some Drama To Your Bathroom With The Distinctive Nanomorph™

Buy a unique wash basin online with an asymmetrical form to add some personality to your bathroom design. This Nanomorph™ is a true work of art, and would look stunning in a wide range of homes and commercial facilities, from futuristic and contemporary homes to restrooms of quirky bars, contemporary hotels and art galleries. Available to buy online in black or white, the Nanomorph™ vessel sink perfectly combines high-art with high-performance. 

Make A Statement With This Urban Freestanding Bathroom Sink

The Aquatica Solo Freestanding Lavatory is a one-of-a kind sink, featuring a luxury and avante-garde appeal. This truly unique sink features an usual asymmetrical and angled rim, providing homeowners and interior designers the opportunity to create a bold bathroom style with an individual character.

Advantages of Buying An Aquatica Unique Bathroom Sink?

  • World class luxury for an affordable cost
  • A versatile style to suit any decor
  • Customizable unique vanity sinks
  • Unusual designs & styles
  • Matching unique bathtubs 
  • Award-winning proprietary materials
  • Attentive 24/7 online support chat
  • Excellent crating solutions & delivery
  • Flat rate shipping on most purchases

Looking For A Classic Style Or Shape?

If a unique sink does not match your design, and you would prefer a more classic style or shape, make sure you explore Aquatica’s full selection of bathroom sinks for sale online in all different shapes, sizes, colours and prices.

Do You Want To Buy A Matching Unique Bathtub?

If you're hoping to create a truly unique bathroom design with the wow factor, take a look online at Aquatica’s impressive collection of unique bathtubs for sale. Made of the same in-house developed material, our freestanding bathtubs can beautifully compliment our unique wash basins.

Searching For Other Unique Bathroom Products?

Renowned for designing and crafting unusual bespoke products, Aquatica offers the best unique furniture to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom design. Explore unique bathtubs , showers , bathroom accessories and other exclusive products for sale online with high tech features and distinctive designs. 

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