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Modern Basins

Modern Basins

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Modern Bathroom Sinks

A comfortable bathroom is a key for tranquility at your home. Whether sleek and minimal or more traditional, a curated modern bathroom provides enjoyment for the owners and impresses guests. Shop Aquatica, your one-stop European bathroom ware manufacturer for high-quality, modern, and contemporary bathroom washbasins and lavatories to find inspiration to create your oasis with a huge variety of sinks , bathtubs , spas, and shower options. Enjoy flat rate shipping on most purchases.

Small, Modern Solid Surface Vessel Sinks

We have designed and manufactured a stunning collection of small vessel sinks made of our award-winning AquateX™ solid surface .
Whether you are running a quicj bathroom facelift project or building a brand-new home, we have a range of sophisticated, modern, solid surface sinks for you to choose from.

Our comprehensive range of modern small bathroom washbasins includes freestanding washstands , vessel sinks , wall hung lavatories , and more.

When planning your new bathroom renovation, think of Aquatica® – a true Northern European brand that you can trust. We offer fast just-in-time manufacturing service in Europe with a large selection of washbasins available on hand in both Europe and the US.

Modern & Contemporary Bathroom Sinks

Whether it's a quick remodel project or a new house construction, a modern bathroom sink could be a perfect centerpiece to any modern bathroom design.
The sleek lines of a modern bathroom vanity top attracts attention, a contemporary vessel sink can change the room's mood, and a modern freestanding washstand can quickly become the bathroom focal point. Regardless of the type of sink that a bathroom needs for its update, Aquatica will have the perfect modern bathroom sinks for you.

Modern Solid Surface Vessel Sinks

Modern vessel sinks, made of our durable, maintenance-free AquateX™ are statement pieces that are designed to compete directly with natural marble and granite washbasins. Superbly designed, and crafter at our European factory, our vessel sinks are a preferred choice for high-end contemporary hotels and in modern design homes. Aquatica vessel sinks look and feel like real stone and offer an ideal solution for decorative bathrooms, such as powder rooms, guest bathrooms, fancy restaurants, and boutique hotel restrooms wherever there is a limited available countertop space.

Solid Surface Vanity Tops With Integrated Washbasins

AquateX™ vanity tops with integrated washbasin like the new Millennium series lavatories, combine breathtaking beauty, outstanding durability, and stain resistance. Among the many advantages of our AquateX™ solid surface is that the vanity tops and basin joints are seamless. AquateX™ is also non-porous, durable, and easy to maintain for years. It is stain, heat, and sunlight resistant and comes in white, concrete gray and carbon black. The finishes will not fade or change from wear and tear.

Enjoy vast, seamless counter space with a modern vanity top that will allow for a practicak storage on the vanity top, and underneath it! Millenium series integrated vanity tops are great choices for any large and practical bathroom vanities.

Modern Freestanding Washstands:

Made of AquateX™, our freestanding solid surface washstands (aka monolith washbasins) are cylindrical or conical shaped freestanding sinks that could be further categorized in two subgroups – with wall support and those that do not require any wall support. Our freestanding monolith washbasins are stunning statement pieces that can provide an instant modern twist to your bathroom. They fit well in small bathrooms, are practical and easy to maintain. Aquatica is working on several new designs with integrated stylish storage shelves for practical use in residential and commercial applications to make the most of your small contemporary bathroom.

Extraordinary Washbasins That You Will Not Find Elsewhere

The bathroom washbasin can take on many different forms, from a traditional round bowl basin to a sharp-edged shallow twin user trough style sinks. Sinks come in all shapes of finishes, colors, and sizes. Wanted to have something small and extraordinary - look at our Nanomorph vessel sink!

Alternatively, if you were looking for an extraordinary vanity top with integrated lav and cunningly concealed drain design, you might find our Millennium series lavs to be the perfect match.

Summary – Modern, Practical And Easy To Maintain Washbasins

AquateX™ washbasins and vanity tops are made of a seamless solid surface designed to be hygienic. This means that it is mould and mildew-resistant because the surface has no minor imperfections or pores for bacteria and mould to take hold. There will also be no joins between the sink and the surface top, so there is no sealant or grouting to become mouldy either. AquateX™ vanity top and washbasin surfaces are very easy to clean by simply wiping the surfaces with a microfiber cloth or soft dish sponge.

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