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Round Basins

Round Basins

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Round Bathroom Sinks

Discover the most beautiful round bathroom sinks for sale online. If you're searching to buy a high-quality round sink for your new bathroom project or renovation, there are plenty of options to explore on Aquatica’s online shopping store. Round bathroom sinks remain a popular choice due to its classic and timeless design. Extremely versatile, round sinks can perfectly compliment any style of bathroom decor. 

Combining Soft Lines & Delicate Curves With A Strong Solid Surface

Round basins add some softness to a bathroom's decor with perfect symmetrical lines and delicate curves. Despite its soft aesthetics, all of our round sinks are extremely durable. Our proprietary stone composite solid surface material ensures that all of our round vessel sinks resist daily wear and tear, and survive for many years. Apart from aesthetics, round sinks are also a more practical choice as they are easy to clean, and tend to come at a lower cost than rectangular , oval , square and unique shapes

Round Sink Bowls Are Easier To Clean

In general, round sinks are a great practical choice for homeowners as they are extremely easy to clean. There are no corners for dirt to get stuck in, and the special design of Aquatica’s round sinks makes sure they are 100% hassle free. Carefully crafted in Europe, Aquatica’s round bathroom sink bowls are made of a proprietary stone composite solid surface with easy to clean, eco friendly and durable features. 

Carefully Crafted Round Sinks With A Silky Smooth Texture

Round bathroom sink bowls made of our award winning AquateX™ are soft to touch with a perfectly smooth velvety texture. Combining delicate aesthetics with strong, long-lasting materials is our secret to success. Round vessel sinks made of our cutting edge NeroX™ stone composite material provides an air of sophistication. This is the best choice for homeowners and interior designers, who are looking for a black round sink bowl to enhance a bathroom's luxury appeal. 

Buy A White High Gloss Ceramic Bowl For Ultimate Glamour

The sleek Metamorfosi round bathroom sink will certainly add some glamour to your high-end bathroom decor. Featuring an exquisite shiny ceramic basin, this beautiful round vessel sink will remain in impeccable condition for many years to come, never losing its colour or ultra polished sparkle. 

Select The Aurora Vessel Sink For A Delicate Style

If you're searching to buy a round bathroom sink online with a delicate appeal, which will last for many years, then the Aurora is the best choice. Aurora vessel sinks are the epitome of perfect symmetry with a soft and delicate looking wall, made of an exceptionally durable solid surface matte material. The silky smooth texture is warm and pleasant to touch. The Aurora round vessel sink can be ordered online in any color from the RAL chart with a matte or super gloss finish. 

Choose The Solace Round Bowl For Stylish Simplicity

The Solace is a versatile collection with many different options, including vessel sinks with either a high or low basin. The high basin Solace sink offers simple sophistication at its finest, and is the perfect choice for an upscale bathroom design. If you're looking to buy an easy-to-access round sink you should consider our Solace sinks with a low basin. The modern, minimalistic design featuring a beautiful shallow basin is both fashionable and functionable. This is a popular choice for families searching for a stylish and easy to reach child-friendly bathroom sink. The Solace round sink series can match any style of decor with a choice of 200 colours from the RAL chart. 

Why Should I Buy A Round Bathroom Sink?

  • A classic design, emanating elegance
  • Versatile, easily matches any decor
  • Timeless, it will never go out of style
  • Easier to clean than other shapes
  • A cost effective option for long lasting luxury

Looking For A Different Style Or Shape?

If you need to buy a different style or shape, make sure you explore Aquatica’s full selection of bathroom sinks for sale online in all different shapes, sizes, colours and prices.

Searching For A Round Bathtub?

If you're looking to create a perfect bathroom style filled with symmetry, take a look online at Aquatica’s luxurious collection of round bathtubs for sale. Made of the same in-house developed material, our freestanding bathtubs can beautifully compliment our round vessel sinks. 

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