Why Thermory Wood?

Made in Europe, Aquatica’s wooden spa tub cabinets are manufactured from Thermory thermally treated wood, combining the timeless beauty of real wood with outstanding durability

Thermory Wood
Aquatica’s natural wooden hot tub cabinets are made of a special sustainable and rot resistant wood. Manufactured in Europe by Thermory Wood, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of thermally modified wood, the beautiful panels are made of 100% real wood. Thermory Wood is guaranteed to remain in impeccable condition for many years, even when the wood is exposed to rain, winds and falling leaves. If installed and maintained correctly, Thermory Wood should survive for decades.

What Is Thermory Wood?

Thermory Wood material
Thermory Wood is a thermally modified wood. It is completely natural, chemical free and does not harm the environment. Thermory’s team of experts spent over 20 years researching and perfecting its special thermal modification process. It successfully developed the best method for producing eco-friendly, durable and stable wooden panels with a flawless aesthetically superior surface finish. The modification process uses only heat and steam, making the hot tub panels a great alternative to plastic panels or chemically treated wood. Thermally treated wood is perfect for outdoor use as it features a lower moisture absorption capability. This means the wood shrinks and expands less when used outdoors. Thermory Wood undergoes rigorous testing by CATAS, one of the largest test and applied research laboratories in Europe.

Thermory Ash - The Best Durability Class

We selected Thermory’s Benchmark ash panels for our hot tub cabinets as they combine the timeless sophistication of real wood with exceptional durability, meticulous milling, and easy installation. Belonging to the highest available durability class, Thermory ash wood is extremely stable and completely knotless with a rich, deep tone. Thermory ash wood is the perfect choice for outdoor hot tub spas as it provides the best protection all year round.
Thermory Wood

Advantages of Thermory Wood

  • Real wood

    Solid Wood

    Thermory Wooden Panels are made of 100% real wood. Pleasant to touch, the solid wood features a perfectly smooth texture. The wood is thermally treated, using only heat and steam.

  • Ash panels

    Beautiful Ash Panels

    Beautiful natural knot-free wooden panels with no visible screws. Thermal modification gives ash wood an exotic deep brown color. The rich appearance of the real wood complements the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Durable

    Extremely Durable

    The wood is extremely strong and durable, lasting for many years. Featuring superior dimensional stability, Thermory Ash belongs to the same durability class as the finest tropical woods, such as teak and ipe.

  • Heat resistant

    Weather Resistant

    Dimensionally stable all year round, even in harsh weather conditions. Low thermal conductivity ensures the wood does not get too hot in the sun. Thermory Wood will remain completely rot resistant for over 25 years.

  • VOC Free

    Sustainable & Chemical-Free

    An environmentally-friendly choice, Thermory Wood is responsibly harvested wood from sustainable forests. The wood undergoes a special chemical-free modification, ensuring it is non-toxic and does not need to be handled as hazardous waste.

  • Lighter material

    A Lighter Material

    Thermory Wood is lighter than other types of wood due to lower moisture content. Thermal modification lowers the wood’s absorbency and shrinks the wood. This process prevents the wood from swelling when used outdoors.