Polaris MCRC-700/380-A Built-In Shower Head

Polaris MCRC 380 700 A Built In Shower Head 01(web)

Polaris MCRC 380 700 A Built In Shower Head 01(web)

A very fresh, modern interpretation of the classic shower head in a generous 700 x 370 rectangular, ceiling mounted model. This stylish hallmark of functionality combines a large area of water jets – 144 in each of the two sections from which you will enjoy a luxurious and widespread rain head type shower. This really is made for those who love their showers big and plentiful. The overall look is one of simplicity and pure lines – the flush-mounted plate is finished in stainless steel providing a stylish and understated note. The Colours of the Rainbow The final and perhaps most exciting feature of this showerhead is its stunning chromotherapy lighting system. A spectrum of nine colors is streamed down through the water jets and are carried by the water to balance and harmonize the body’s energies. The result is a wonderful shower experience that truly cleanses, re-energizes and reinvigorates your body. Anti-lime showerhead of modern design Constructed of stainless steel 27.5" x 15" (700 x 380 mm) rectangular built-in shower head Nine RGB LED lights Single function rainhead water flow Recommended minimum of 3 bar water pressure for best performance Max flow rate of 6.34 GPM (24 LPM) at 5 bar water pressure Anti-lime nozzle system 2 Year Limited Warranty


GBP 5920.5900 2030-01-01
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Polaris MCRC-700/380-A Built-In Shower Head - the best choice I have ever made.
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