Below The Hood - Aquatica's Relax Series Air Massage Bathtubs

A selection of jetted bathtubs which have been created for small, large or for difficult corners of bathroom projects.


Air Massage Chromotherapy

AirSystem baththubs

Aquatica has also created one of the first solid surface air-massage bathtubs on the market which features different air-massage pressure modes and a chromotherapy system.

Aquatica's air massage tubs have been designed to gently push out thousands of warm, healthy, air bubbles, combined with mood setting, bright LED chromotherapy lights.

Aquatica's superior product engineering ensures that our air massage bathtubs are built to last a lifetime.

All of Aquatica's carefully designed air-jetted bathtubs have comfortable water depth and have been fitted with over 16 low-profile air jets and up to 40 low-profile LED Lights.

Aquatica's varied line of air massage tubs feature the following specifications:

  • Low Profile Air Massage Nozzles
  • Low Profile LED Lights
  • Underwater Chromotherapy System With a Slow Color Rotation or a Fixed Color Mode
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • Warm Air-Massage Jets
  • Variable Speed Massage with Wave & Pulse Modes
  • Ozone purification system
  • Automatic Purge Cycle
  1. Compressor/blower With Electronic Control Box
  2. Air Jets
  3. LED Controller
  4. Digital Control Panel
  5. Mini-manifold (Compressed Air Distribution Box)
  6. PVC Air Hoses
  7. LED Lenses
  8. Multicolor Lights

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