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Providing a cozy soak, Aquatica Tranquility bathtubs feature an effective recirculation system with heating, delivering constant water temperature in 20-minute increments, for hours on end.

Aquatica Tranquility bathtubs offer a truly tranquil bathing experience, thanks to an ultra-quiet circulation pump, temperature control, mood enhancing chromotherapy LED lighting and easy-to-use glass keypads.

Made in Europe, using only the best materials and world-class engineering, Aquatica’s Tranquility bathtubs are guaranteed to remain in excellent condition for many years.
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Aquatica's Tranquility Tubs Feature The Following Functions:

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Two seemingly identical keypads deliver an upscale look and the ultimate experience. Intuitive arrows provide temperature control up to 40° (104F). in one keypad while two additional buttons, located in a second keypad, control chromotherapy and water circulation.
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The name Tranquility has its roots in the near-silence resulting from ultra-efficient systems working harmoniously to deliver a deeply pleasurable experience that is, naturally, delivered in silence.
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Essential to complete relaxation, Aquatica's chromotherapy system utilizes minimally intrusive LED lights to create different spectrums scientifically proven to help balance mind and body. Randomly changing colors, crossfades, and fixed colors. All generating a different effect on your body and accessed with a single click at arm's length.
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Aside from the nearly invisible water inlet and outlet openings, every component of Aquatica's Tranquility system (water heater, circulation, Bluetooth audio system and chromotherapy systems) is concealed for visual cleanliness. Style, comfort, and Italian craftsmanship are combined masterfully to deliver products that look great and feel even better.
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Appropriately-sized, highly-efficient systems specifically designed for each one of Aquatica's tubs. That means energy savings that are easy on wallets and good for the environment.
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Aquatica's ultra-quiet water heating system delivers constant water temperature, on 20-minute increments, for hours on end. This effectively eliminates the need to re-fill with hot water every few minutes while keeping you safe in a hot environment.
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Soothing when used. Environmentally-conscious when not. While Aquatica's disinfecting system was conceived with a healthy and enjoyable bathing experience in mind, clean water eliminates the need to empty the bathtub after every use. The result is reduced water use.

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