Aquatica Santosa-3 Spa (220/240V/50/60Hz)

Santosa Stainless Steel 316L Spa 03 (web)

Santosa Stainless Steel 316L Spa 03 (web)

The fascinating blend of design and wellbeing is revived in this elegant and geometrically well-conceived Spa, where every element was studied to ensure the utmost comfort and convenience. Its advantage is the simple and quick installation, which – combined to the completeness of the details – makes it an ideal prêt-à-porter solution for those who want to enjoy a feeling of pure relaxation from the very first moment and in any environment. Santosa, which is available in a built-in and above the ground version, stands out for its st ainless steel structure, whose sides can all be taken apart to easily access even the smallest of spaces. The entire customization of the coating, the multicolored play of lights and the gentle Air-Massage system complete the experience, recreating a unique splendor for an inviting and timeless feeling of pure relaxation. Santosa 03 is the above the ground outdoor or indoor solution that confers a touch of style and all the wellbeing of an Egoè Spa to any environment. The wide range of coatings and the optional high-tech equipment available, turn Santosa into a small, comfortable and elegant jewel that can be enjoyed in your own home or in the charming atmosphere of a green garden. Self-supporting structure in stainless steel AISI 316L fully TIG welded, reinforced with a tubular frame that can be disassembled into two sections: the technical part and the tub part only, so that it can fit into the smallest spaces. Removable panels on all four sides to allow easy access to the technical compartments and equipment. Microperforated plates, directly on the tub's frame to make the internal shapes look linear and clean; one at the bottom for suction and three to release the filtered water evenly over the entire surface of the tub. 4 microperforated areas for the AIR-MASSAGE system, directly on the tub's frame to make the internal shapes look linear and clean, each with 49 micro-holes and located in the lower back and calf area. Self-supporting structure in stainless steel AISI 316L for a better durability and hygiene Removable panels and microperforated plates to allow easy access to the technical compartments 196 micro-jets cover 4 microperforated areas for the air-massage system 8 adjustable whirlpool jets (4 per seat) Frost protection system; Skimmer type filtration system; Automatic PH / bromine pad sanitation system; Automatic replenishment system Water recirculation pump with prefilter Sand filter equipped with a selector valve for cleaning Air pump to blow air on the microperforated areas Absolute comfort with 2 included soft gel headrests Elevated brightness of 2 RGB LED 7-Color ø3.25" (ø83mm) and 4W lights in stainless steel 3 kW heater with temperature control Electronic control unit to manage all the accessories Advanced spa controller on the edge of the tub Thermal insulation for the frame Radius of the inner corners 40° to facilitate the cleaning of the spa Technical compartment completely sealed and directly connected to the drain in order to prevent leaks and flooding Designed for comfortable two-person bathing 10 Year Limited Warranty on the bathtub shell 2 Year electronic and electric component warranty


GBP 57383.8900 2030-01-01
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Aquatica Santosa-3 Spa (220/240V/50/60Hz) - the best choice I have ever made.
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