Aquatica Dante Freestanding Solid Surface Lavatory

Dante Freestanding Solid Surface Lavatory 01 (web)

Dante Freestanding Solid Surface Lavatory 01 (web)

For those wanting to make a dramatic statement in their bathroom, the Dante freestanding basin is the solution. This stunning, modern architectural interpretation of a pedestal basin is almost an art piece in its own right, standing like a decorative ceramic pot but with function built-in. The piece stands 35.5" (90cm) at the front of the sink, sloping to (33.5") 85cm tall at the back, with a 7.9" (20cm) deep washing cavity which sits off-centre in the top, resulting in a wider back rim. Crafted from AquateX™ in elegant white or black color, it can be supplied with an optional tap hole in the rim. Made of AquateX™ award-winning composite Non-porous surface Hygienic - inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material Homogeneous throughout Easily repairable and restorable surface Easy to clean - use the ScotchBright sponge and detergent, just like with your dishes Avaliable in two colors: white, black Drain is not included in the price and can be ordered additionally UV-resistant 100% recyclable


GBP 2276.5900 2030-01-01
Freestanding Sink 627722005719 Dante-F-Sink-Wht
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Aquatica Dante Freestanding Solid Surface Lavatory - the best choice I have ever made.
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