Dynamo MCSQ-340 Built-In Shower Head

Rainbow Dynamic LED Ceiling Shower Head Chrome MAIN (web)

Rainbow Dynamic LED Ceiling Shower Head Chrome MAIN (web)

The Aquatica Dynamo Shower Head Series is an innovative and beautifully designed shower head with 7-LED mood light setting system, designed for maximum relaxation. The Dynamo is powered by an ultra-efficient micro-turbine mounted inside the shower head, which uses water flow energy, which generates electricity to power its LED lights. Aquatica’s Dynamo Heads are a cutting-edge development in the field of contemporary bathroom ware. Large 13.4" (340 mm) shower head Self-powered system - a built-in microturbine produces electrical power from the water flow inside the shower head Included piezoelectrical remote control Aesthetically pleasing and relaxing in use, the micro-LED ring is low power consumption Seven colors LED light without electrical power supply Minimum of 3 bar water pressure recommended for best performance Ceiling Mounted Small Shower Arm is included. It is compatible with similar Aquatica shower arm model Anti-lime nozzle system 5 Year Warranty No external power source required


GBP 2549.8900 2030-01-01
Dynamo SQ-340 627722003302 DYN-MCSQ-340
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Dynamo MCSQ-340 Built-In Shower Head - the best choice I have ever made.
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