Aquatica Short Wall-Mounted Shower Arm - Chrome



Aquatica Shower Arm is designed for beauty connoisseur who wants everything to be ideal. This modern Shower Arm is perfectly suited for the Aquatica Rainbow And Dynamo Dynamic Shower Heads. This unique piece of sanitary ware is manufactured using innovative technologies, sophisticated style, and eco-friendly materials. Shower arm guarantees Shower Head durability due to the integrated water filter. It is represented in three finishes to meet the most demanding expectations. Feature cover-plate with bracket kit and a filter. All of above solutions feature a wider pipe (1.18in Ø) which guarantees a high flow-rate. Should be used if the existing wall outlet is set at a height lower than 86.6in 3 finishes - chrome, white matte, black matte The pipe head features a cap with a filter that helps to prevent any damage to the water turbine 5 Year Warranty


GBP 318.8500 2030-01-01
Dynamo Shower Arm 627722003326 PD427CP
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Aquatica Short Wall-Mounted Shower Arm - Chrome - the best choice I have ever made.
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