Aquatica Luna-Glossy Stone Lavatory

Luna(Purescape 748G) Stone Lavatory 3D web (1)

Luna(Purescape 748G) Stone Lavatory 3D web (1)

Every bathroom needs a statement piece, something that screams poise and elegance, so why not add some classic, shiny sophistication to your bathroom with Aquatica’s freestanding Luna Glossy Stone Lavatory! The solid surface of this elegant, oval shaped freestanding bathroom lavatory has been created and made in Italy, using our unique EcoMarmor™ material, giving it unparalleled heat retention capabilities and intense durability. The glossy and silky smooth white surface has been finished with a color that won’t fade or lose its brilliance over time, and is superbly easy to clean, and completely functional, while also adding that touch of brilliance to your bathroom’s decor. Solid, one-piece construction for safety and durability A hypoallergenic, non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing A consistent, non-painted color throughout the tubs thickness which won't fade or lose its brilliance Non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing 100% recyclable and fire-resistant Made in Europe of solely European sourced components


GBP 591.2400 2030-01-01
Luna Sink 627722003692 Luna-G-Wht-Lav
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Aquatica Luna-Glossy Stone Lavatory - the best choice I have ever made.
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