Aquatica Laguna Spa (220/240V/50/60Hz)

Aquatica Lagune Outdoor Hot Tub 01 (web)

Aquatica Lagune Outdoor Hot Tub 01 (web)

The Laguna hot tub is a perfect model for sharing your best times. If you want to buy a premium SPA with the best features, a large bathtub area and a unique design, this is your ideal choice. This model was designed to be integrated in the most exclusive environments. Its stunning cabinet, made with a combination of different high-quality materials (white Solid Surface and Enigma HPL finish) gives the Spa’s finish a special touch, making it another decorative feature of your home. Laguna Spa - an Outdoor and Indoor Hot Tub The Laguna model not only has an exclusive exterior design; the Spa’s interior has been designed to offer the user maximum mobility, it is smoothly shaped and offers different tub depths. This feature offers the bather countless options inside the Spa: they can sit down, lie down and find their favourite position while enjoying a high-quality massage. A Complete Hot Tub The tub has been carefully designed down to the last detail: the Spa has 6 different positions, allowing you to complete a full hydromassage circuit. The Spa is equipped with a total of 66 jets, meaning that it can treat every part of the body: back, arms, legs and feet. The air massage provided by the 12 air nozzles allows the back muscles to relax, providing a feeling of relaxation and release. A complete lighting system creates the perfect environment for your chromotherapy sessions. Inside, the LED lights with different colour sequences provide an inimitable sensation, perfect for finishing your hydrotherapy sessions. On the exterior, we have designed a lighting system that turns the cabinet into an original decorative feature. Exclusive options: Flexible Massage The new Laguna model comes with a professional massage option, aimed at the most demanding customers: Flexible Massage is the new sequential massage option which the user can enjoy through one of the Spa’s seats. Flexible Massage allows you to feel the massage pass over your entire body. The Flexible Massage option is installed on one of the Spa’s seats. With this system, the massage jets are connected to a device that runs along the back and legs. The user can select up to 10 different preset programmes and set the travel speed. 78 massage points in total: 34 jets for high pressure micro-massage 32 jets for circular anti-stress massage 12 Relax Impact System nozzles 66 jets and 12 air nozzles in the spa Dual action UV/O3 water sanitization system Galvanised steel structure ABS base for additional insulation, stability and structural integrity Optional energy saving cover Stainless steel nozzles Cartridge filter Double insulation for saving energy Colour Sense: 2 LEDs and 24 mini LEDs Optional aromatherapy package Designed for comfortable six-person bathing 10 Year Limited Warranty on the bathtub shell 2 Year electronic and electric component warranty


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Aquatica Laguna Spa (220/240V/50/60Hz) - the best choice I have ever made.
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