Aquatica Rest Spa Pro by Marc Sadler (240V/60Hz)

Aquatica Rest Spa Pro by Marc Sadler 240V 60Hz 01 (web)

Aquatica Rest Spa Pro by Marc Sadler 240V 60Hz 01 (web)

Sit back, relax….Rest in the ultimate in spas. Rest is the perfect choice of outdoor/indoor spas in so many ways. It is generous and spacious in dimension, made to accommodate a family or group of friends so they can all enjoy the therapeutic benefits of air-assisted hydromassage and mind and body-soothing chromotherapy. The clean simplicity of the design, flawlessly executed by Italian designer Marc Sadler, is seamless in construction, with no visible faucets, jets, nozzles or outflows. Instead, you enjoy a cutting edge and distinctive design that conceals all the workings inside the inner perimeter, for maximum pleasure and benefit without any obvious visual intrusion. Manufactured by Gruppo Treesse in Italy and adapted to US electrical and plumbing standards by Aquatica Plumbing Group Inc., the Rest indoor/outdoor spa from Aquatica is like no other spa in the market. Rest Spa takes the home spa experience to a whole new level; now you not only enjoy the ultimate state-of-the-art hot-tub but also reap all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own backyard or tease. The incredible innovation behind the Rest has made possible a whole new system of invisible hydromassage, incorporated into a spa that is one continuous design with no external outlets or jets. The Rest’s rectangular tub with its multiple LED illuminated strips allows you to luxuriate in the truly seamless comfort of a spa without edges, enjoying all the beauty and clean lines of a modern minimalistic design and true Italian quality. Beautiful to look at and envied by friends and guests, Rest is more importantly, superbly therapeutic, delivering revitalising and soothing pleasure from the micro jets and air jets concealed within the walls. The Rest spa has been innovatively designed for both indoor and outdoor location, with the option of installation in either built-in or freestanding configurations, allowing the customer to customize the product according to personal preference. This stunning spa with its invisible systems hidden beneath the surface, is not only beautiful but will provide the best in hydro spa treatment. The US version of the Aquatica modified Rest Pro is available with two parallel invisible therapy systems and each spa is fitted with a hidden automatic 1” filling valve enhancing the seamless design experience. 40 x whirlpool jets 3 x 2” electronically controlled electrical membrane drain outlets 1” Automatic hidden filling valve Dual Action Ozone and UV-C disinfection system Multi-bed swimming pool sand filtration system 3 kW heater with temperature control Optional stainless steel heat exchanger installation for external heating source Chromotherapy with multiple perimeter LEDs Maximum water capacity - 2000 Litres 10 year limited warranty on the bathtub shell 2 year limited warranty for Wellness System components


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Aquatica Rest Spa Pro by Marc Sadler (240V/60Hz) - the best choice I have ever made.
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